Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! 12 in 2014

Happy 2015!  Joining up (late) with Dwija at House Unseen for the 12 in 2014 photo goodness.  I can't promise only 12, but I do love me some photos and a good link up.  Let's begin, shall we?


During a crazy, snow-filled month, we had a new fad show up.  Superheroes.  Lots of them. My boys were adorable with the capes and shirts.
This month is always full of Scouting activities, including Patrick's last Pinewood Derby where he raced a car, and William won 2nd place in the siblings division!  He was absolutely thrilled.  The highlight in the tug-at-my-hearstrings moment was the sweet story-telling by my William to James


Dear blogger fans, yes, I knew I was pregnant in February, but was not ready to tell everyone yet.  So during this month, I was a blubbering mess in the corners of my house with the crazy amount of snow that fell for Valentine's day

and for my Patrick's Arrow of Light Ceremony, which kept emphasizing how your young man is growing up.  The Winter Olympics were on TV, and James kept asking if we were going to watch the "Lipsticks" every night.


The blogging was slow in the early months of the year, as I spent most of my days in bed with some insane nausea, so I decided it was time to "make it official" on the blog.  And my Patrick officially became a BOY scout!
With Boy scouting, comes more camping.  And with more camping, means Tommy spends more time away from home.  We had 2 catastrophes while Tommy was away, and we have the reminders on our kitchen ceiling and William's lip.
The passing of the Golden Jacket finally went to one of my kids, and our spring break zoo trip was just perfect.
While trudging through my pregnancy with diabetes issues, the day of the sonogram was a great goal to make things more exciting.  We watched my Superman spend time with his siblings as they ran a race at school, and I was struck once again with the impact of the love and support from our community as they all kept an eye our for my little guy.

Then the day came: We found out our bundle of sweetness was to be PINK!
Ah, June.  Last days of school, but especially of my William's Kindergarten year.  First year at school, and I am so proud of how well he did!

My James turned 3, and I started to join in and give you too much information about "me" in the fun "Answer Me This" posts.  More than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure. 
With the kids home, and mommy's belly getting larger, I had time for more quick, sum up everything at once posts.  Patrick planned and decorated for our World Cup party, including the menu!
Lots of camping, inside and out.
Dear August, how I wish we could have skipped you. I did not take many photos this month.  This had hospital stays, a nephrostomy tube/bag, ER visits, 2 birthdays that I missed, more doctors, more stress, tears, and the start of school for the kids, and one very terrible IR visit.  I try to look back and understand all of that is part of God's plan for us, and there is always a good reason, but I hope that some of my purgatory was spent here on earth.
With all that said about August, September brought an overwhelming amount of blessings.  With equal amounts of emotion I write about both of these months.  God provided blessings 50 and 100 fold in these months, and I feel guilty for complaining about so much. 
My William went camping for the first time!  Welcome to the cub scouts, little man! 
My baby girl and I were "sprinkled" with love and such sweet generous gifts.
  It was very special to spend time with those close to me, and the love, prayers, support and uplifting from everyone this month will ALWAYS make me cry, and just feel so humbled by God's love and gifts through so many.  Our last gift of the month was dinner made by Father Juan


We made it!!!  Our Lucy Margaret arrived safe and sound.

William is officially a cub scout,

and I spent the month trying to recover, and keep up with 5 kids. Tommy had a birthday, and our hearts are so full.
I round up the Halloween post in November, and my kids impressed me, by not begging for new costumes and being crafty enough to use and enjoy what we have in the house.

 For your (non) enjoyment purposes, Lucy's birth story was put to the blog, for a sufficient amount of embarrassment and oh-my-goodness-hormones-are-nuts.
 Lucy was baptized, and is finally without the stain of original sin. 


Well, we have reached the end of 2014.  A year of surprises, blessings, love and God showing us that we need to trust.  In everything.  God is always in charge. 

 St. Nicholas cookies,
Christmas, and a new post, which I neglected to add before.  Christmas pageant, when my Patrick made his singing debut.
 My Emma turned 10, and was adorned with some new jewels.
 Thank you for the prayers, support, love and most of all, reading with us this year.  We are so blessed, in so many ways.  I can't begin to see all the things that God has in store for us this year, but we are so happy to share it with so many of you.  Thank you, Lord!

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