Monday, August 18, 2014

August Birthdays

Two of my boys celebrated birthdays this month.  I missed both of them, as far as celebrating and spending time with my guys, and it was super hard. 

William turned 6!  He was showered with gifts from family and, Grandpa was sweet enough to take a video of the moment I missed.  He is so sweet and clever:

"William celebrated milestone six to great cheer,
With a cookie-cake too big to handle;
But a special assist from a sibling so dear,
Helped him extinguish the very last candle."

I can't seem to get the video to upload, but he was super cute.  I know they went to Red Robin and of course, they sing to you there!  I think he enjoyed it.

My Patrick (the big middle schooler) turned 11 on the feast of the Assumption, a fantastic feast day!  I was not able to make Mass with him that morning (so tough) and then they went to breakfast.  We had family offer to take the kids for us that day, and he left right after and went to his 2 aunt's houses.  Patrick (and all my kids) love spending time with cousins.  I kind of mentioned to Tommy that I wanted to have my chickens at home so I could be with them so we got to sing and open presents and be with him! 

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