Monday, August 11, 2014

30 week musings, and an added concern

  • Still here!  Still pregnant, and guess what?  30 WEEKS!!  This baby is big, but measuring, if you can believe it, right on schedule!  This little girl moves a LOT, especially at night.  It takes me forever to get comfortable, and no amount of pillows will make it better.  Actually, I think this one just about sums it up.  Though I am not in the last month of pregnancy, this song still applies.

  • Big news around here is Emma has a new smile!  She is officially a brace face, and sporting some metal as an expander.  She tells everyone about her treatment plan, and is so happy with all the steps.  I am so proud of her!  Mommy actually got a little ego boost while we were there, as her assistant was having trouble fitting the bands on her teeth, and my old boss told her to ask me for help, as "Fuzzy is an expert."  Well, when you put it that way.......and guess what?  She did ask for help!  And, it was like riding a bike.  I fit them on the second try!  Why yes, I will pat myself on the back. It's the little things. 
  • Countdown to school has begun!  We are at less than 3 weeks!  We have some homework issues: a math packet that was done back in JUNE that we have misplaced for one child, and the other child has to be refocused every.five.minutes. to work on his math packet, and we have a book report to do!  This mommy is very ready and very nervous about this upcoming year, especially with the baby coming in early October! 
  • Our family took a little evening trip with Tommy's parents to the Library of Congress in Culpeper.  We brought all the kids to see the Disney movie "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" on FILM, not on DVD.  I was thoroughly impressed with all the colors, and how much the kids enjoyed the movie, though some of them were determined to NOT like it.


    We had a Dopey and a Sleepy in our crew.

This is the Library of Congress.  Not exactly what I was expecting, but a really neat looking place.  If I heard my FIL correctly, it used to be a bunker. 
  •  Can I ask for some quick prayers for me during these last 2 months?  I am experiencing some symptoms similar to what I went through while I was pregnant with James.  And, now that I am re-reading it, the time frame is the same.  Sigh.  Trying to trust in the Lord and His plans for me and this baby, but I am VERY anxious.  I am almost always anxious, but it seems to have been heightened this go around.
*So, I wrote this post last week.  (My sister Jenn was very sweet and gave you an update about me while I was out.)  The same day I went to the emergency room with severe kidney pain.  I was silly and did not pack a bag, but I knew I was in for it. 2 hours of writhing pain in a labor and delivery room (because, at 30 weeks, no emergency room wants to see a baby come out there) with those monitors on the baby, waiting for just some pain medicine.  It took a long time to get some relief, and though the narcotic was a good one, it did not last long enough.
It was determined  that I had a kidney stone blocking my ureter, which, when you are pregnant, they can't see on a monitor with an ultrasound or anything.  But they could see that my kidney was enlarged and very full.  Oh my.  That pain.  So they did a procedure called a nephrostomy to allow it to drain (oh, the immediate relief!) into a little bag.  Inconvenient, but very necessary, and will be until the baby comes.  I was so grateful for the pain that was no longer, but the doctors were getting worried about my Oxygen levels.  (The alarm sounded like a doorbell, and went off all.night.long.)  Chest x-ray reveals not a blood clot, but pneumonia.  Thankfully, I was able to come home on Sunday with oral (YAY!) meds, and orders to take it easy.  Baby is doing well, and still hiccupping and wiggling at all hours of the night and day.
Thank you for all the prayers!  Please keep them coming, because as you can  imagine, pregnancy and pneumonia don't mix well. 

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