Monday, March 25, 2013

Video time

Video time!  This stinker lives in his pajamas lately.  I love this one!  Pay no attention to the temper tantrum in the background.
Here's on for Wilson.  We have a silent Harlem Shake.

Snow Day!!

Today is March 25.  We are all home today for an amazing snow day!  We had about 4 inches of snow (give our take) and Tommy stayed home with us.  The kids all enjoyed snow time, and even James spent a good deal of time outside.  We haven't had nearly enough snow in winter, so call me crazy but I am super excited that we had some good snow!

Weblo Badge

Patrick and his den are officially the oldest in the pack.  There was a very moving ceremony where all the boys recited the Boy Scout Motto and oath after receiving their Weblo badge.  After that, the whole pack stood and saluted the boys.  It was such a beautiful ceremony, and I was only able to get photos up to this point.  My camera battery died, and the 8 extras in my case were totally dead.  Mommy will have to carry this in her heart only.  My boy is growing up!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Habemus Papam!!

It has been 2 days.  I have been glued to the television, iphone, and "popealarm" has sent me text messages and emails.  I have been so involved in waiting for this new Pope.  We finally had white smoke and I was home with just my little guys, James and William.  I was crying, screaming and dancing and jumping around the room!!!!!  The feeling of joy, excitement, and love was just overwhelming when he came out on the balcony, so sweet, humble and so, so, perfect.  It is an amazing time to be a Catholic!!  I am in awe of our Holy Spirit.  Totally in awe.

I am a little attached to this Pope, maybe because I watched and kept up with the whole Conclave, but his name.  Oh!!!  His NAME!  Pope Francis!  My mother named me after Saint Francis of Assisi, and my William's middle name is Francis.  I love that he chose such a humble saint and name.  Each article I read about him, just makes me smile.

Thank you, Lord, for giving our Church such a beautiful Shepherd!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say "Mommy!"

Where did February go?

Goodness.  It's already March, we are talking about "spring forward" this weekend, and I feel like I just missed everything.  It was a very busy month, and it was highlighted by birthdays and family time, as well as some AWESOME report cards for my kids.  Patrick (who is working on his first year with number grades) received FIRST honors: ALL A's!!  This mommy is so proud!  My Emma brought a perfect report card too, along with an Effort award.  I know they have been working really hard. 

My brother from Vermont came into town and we had 6 of all 7 kids together at my house.  I loved being able to host, and spend time with my family.  I am in the middle of the 2 boys in my family, and I love that I have a big brother.  He and his family of 4 girls (with one more on the way!) just moved across country from California to get to his new job as a dentist in Vermont.  We are THRILLED that he is closer to us, and was able to come and visit.  The real purpose of his trip was to spend some time with my Dad, who's health hasn't been 100%, and I know that I would find it hard to be far away while my parents were sick. 
Our next visitors of the mont were family from the Reynolds side from North Carolina, to come up and be with my Mother-in-law, who just found out she is going to have to have heart surgery to replace a valve.  It's been a very emotional time, and we are all feeling the need to be close to our parents.  We gathered together at our house, and celebrated 3 birthdays, including mine.

We also had the start of Lent and we keep trying to motivate the kids and keep them focused on the penitential season. (Mommy needs motivation too.) We are trying the beans in the jar for sacrifices and extra services.

I also got to spend some time at the doctor's office this month, due to some kidney stones.  It was not a fun time, and we are still waiting on them.  I had a moment of joy when I handed my license to the hospital staff, and I couldn't stop smiling when they asked me if that was my current address.  It still makes me smile to know that we have been so blessed with a wonderful home and are so happy here!  I know I need to put photos up, but it's never all clean at the same time.  :)
My Emma made her first Confession last month as well!  We are so proud of her new clean soul!
I realize that this month brought a lot of things that needed prayers, and it has been sobering to think about my parents and in-laws and their health.  We have lots to be praying for, and need to be with the Lord during this time.