Monday, September 28, 2015

September! When did you sneak in?

With the start of school, a new school, and an always worried momma, the computer, pictures, and the blog have sadly been neglected.  It seems like I spend most of my days in the car, driving to and from the 2 drop offs, 2 pick ups and the frequent drive through of the many fast food places nearby.  James starts giving me his order when we pass the golden arches much sooner than I care to admit. 

On that busy note, I keep thinking that I will have more time after this, or this, or just a minute here and I can blog.  Oh, and I should blog about that!  I will definitely have a good post about that.  Maybe even current events?  Hahahaha.  Who am I kidding?!?!  We don't watch TV.  My "current" events seem to come from my blips on Facebook, Instagram, and the occasional conversation with the husband.  I am so not up on the things happening. And I so often forget things even after I write it down. 

But, in overview, we have had a busy month.  Tommy and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary!  We had a quiet evening out, very cheaply, and just talked together.  We don't get to do that much, though we should.  Our anniversary is the Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross.  We have learned that marriage is the cross, as Father Mosimann told us those years ago. We had the readings of the day, and have tried to live and love our cross as best as we can.  We have been very blessed in our years together, and I know that the Lord has great things in store for us.

Patrick is really enjoying his time at Seton.  My eyes see fruits in his love of God, and his joy in small things from school.  Dodge ball is his favorite thing right now, and he has already prepared his high school classes and what he wants to take!  He asked me if he could take Chemistry next year!  He has the brain for sciences and math, and this makes me so happy.  He has signed up for clubs, and made some new friends, and continued with old ones.  It is so special to feel like we are home, a place where I spent so many years growing up.

There have also been some camping, and Tommy took the 3 oldest to a family camp.  Once again, the hothouse plant that is also known as his wife stayed home with the baby and James.  They always have a great time, even though Patrick's allergies always act up dreadfully in his eyes when he camps.  Next trip, William and James should be able to go! 
I should add that there have been some lows this month to go along with the highs.  With the van, it made the beginning of school a bit more stressful.  Car trouble is never fun, and when it has a big price tag it hurts a little more.  With a new school comes new stresses, new expenses, and new schedules.  To tell one child "yes" and another "no" to balance the family life is tough.  This momma doesn't do well spending my days in the car, shuttling kids to and fro activities.  It goes well with my mommy-guilt that is in full swing this time of year, when the kids are so thrilled to be where they are and want to do more! more! more!  and I am screaming no!no!No! inside. 

We are excited to start a new month of October, with a birthday for Lucy (!) and feasts galore! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

School Year 2015-16

My kids have been in school a few weeks, and I just realized I never put a first day post!
 Patrick began at Seton for 7th grade on a Wednesday.  That afternoon, our van decided it needed a new alternator and broke down not even a block from school.  Quite the story to tell for the first day.  James kept saying, "And then Mommy's car got dead."  It was a busy afternoon!

William is a big 2nd grader this year! Big sacraments, and a whole new hallway with the bigger kids at school.  He has already found himself a new best friend, and only talks about the girls in his class.
James will be doing preschool at home with Mommy, and we will keep enjoying every second together, and his sweet smile and patience with all our driving and pickups and drop offs.
Emma is a 5th grader this year, almost as tall as Mommy.  She is almost too tall to be wearing a jumper, and her feet are bigger than mine.  I have to keep wearing some shoes with a little heel!
My kids at 2 schools means that some of them get to catch up on the news and fun of the others that they miss. 

God bless all the teachers, students and the parents who make so many sacrifices to get to this point every year.  We love you kids, so much.  Please, Lord, guide their steps, and keep them with you all year.