Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

How fast can you eat a pie?

 Every year the scouts have a pie eating contest.  You can't exactly call it a pie, but it's whipped cream, chocolate pudding and a graham cracker at the bottom.  The kicker?  You can't use your hands.
 James was not going to try it, but he may have changed his mind if we had given him a spoon.

 Next up: the adults.  Tommy is known to be quite good at this event.  Last year, they even tried to put salt in his pie!  Lucky for him, the cubmaster got that pie.

 Tommy's head came up so fast before the other adults, and he was up there almost a whole minute before anyone else.  I don't know how he does it.
 The one in yellow is a wonderful cubmaster.
 The big jokjoke is that you smell chocolate pudding for 3 days after this competition.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

James 16-17 month cuteness

Stuck in the Saddle Again

Grandpa Reynolds dropped off some of his school auction finds for the kids, and these really cute chairs were part of it.  I came around the corner and found the kids playing like this.  I just love imagination!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Dance 4

I finally figured out how to upload these videos!  Sorry it's chopped up, but I was laughing so hard.  We are only missing John and Danny to make this perfect.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kid Funnies

In the car, Emma sees a sign for some special classes, and asks, "What's belly dancing?"
Before I could even think up an answer, William pipes up: "It's when you take your shirt off, and you wiggle your belly."  I could not.stop.laughing.

I used sarcasm on the kids, and realized that it would backfire, so I tried to gloss over it by just calling it sarcasm.  It didn't go over too well.
William: "What's sarcasm?"
Emma: "It's a joke for bigger people."

Post Hurricane Post

Here on the east coast we had an expected but not welcome visitor named Sandy.  The news called it a "Superstorm," "Frankenstorm"and many other names but we knew we had to prepare for it to come.  We are in Virginia, and we prepared to hunker down and get wind and rain, maybe some flooding and power outtages.  The schools closed for 2 days (which gave us a 5 1/2 day weekend since the kids had off on Friday) and, to top it off, the government closed which helped us have Daddy home the whole weekend too. 

We feel so blessed to say that we never lost power, did not lose any trees around our new house, and were snug and happy in our house.  We had wonderful leftovers from our family party to eat, as well a great stockpile of Halloween candy and desserts, and, best of all, the Wii.  All of us burned up our energy playing Just Dance 4 together and we didn't feel stir crazy at all. 

I don't think it made as big of an impact on the kids as the earthquake, but I know it made an impact and it was a topic of conversation at school and here as we watched the news.  The devastation that Sandy left in New York and New Jersey is just heartbreaking and we are still praying for all the people who are still without power.