Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

 I love this costume!  We have used it with all 3 boys at one time, about this age.  Aunt Pam gave it to Patrick all those years ago, and it is so well-loved!  It doesn't even look bad in pictures, but it is peeling up close.

The boys all picked this one for my Lucy.  We have a house of superheroes, why not one more?

 William went through about 4 different costumes before picking this one. 

 Patrick has never been one for going out, he actually prefers to stay home and hand out the candy.  And read all the jokes on the Laffy Taffy candy.  LOL
 Daddy came to the rescue for Emma!  He is the best!
 It was FREEZING when the kids went out, so I was happy to stay in the warm house with Lucy.  She was a little fussy, so she just wanted to be held.  It would have been too cold for her.
 Our only completed carved pumpkin was done by William.  Super proud of that boy!
 And our little peanut, I mean punkin from a shower given by my sweet friends.
James had a bag of candy that he was eating, and says, "this one is a 'E'"

 He was eating M&M's.

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