Sunday, June 24, 2012

Paul and Nichole's Wedding

We are so happy for my brother-in-law Paul, and his new wife Nichole!  It was a beautiful wedding!  Here are just a few highlights.
My Tommy was the best man.
We got all the Reynolds in one photo!  Can you believe it??

The best man's toast.

"You've lost that lovin' feelin'"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camp Snyder

My first "camping" experience came about this year. Tommy's best man duties took him to a bachelor party for his brother, so the pack graduation duties fell to me this year.  I decided to leave James home with my parents (how nice is that!) and bring the older 3.  I decided to help myself even more and I paid a rising 7th grader to stick to William.  I had a WONDERFUL time with the kids, and was able to enjoy the time with the other moms, as well as the pack graduation.
First event was the Raingutter Regatta.  The kids did a great job "pushing" their boats, and Emma's race with her friend was the closest I saw all day.  It was just for fun, and the kids had a blast.
Don't you just love her outfit?  So Emma.  :)
Tug-of-war with all the different kids and levels of cub scouts.

William loved being with his friend, and I was soo grateful that she enjoyed it too!
The boys (round about William's age) all decided that the ground up gravel around the picnic benches was THE place to be.  Not only was it the place to be, but it was the thing to wear.  I don't know if you can tell by this photo of William, but he was F.I.L.T.H.Y.  He tried to bury himself in this, and it was all down his shorts. 
Can you see the other boys?  Yeah.  William almost looks tame next to them.  LOL
Our worthy cubmaster, and some of our hard-working leaders.
Graduation ceremony was so neat.  They have the older level scouts change the neckerchiefs on the younger boys.  I was so impressed with how seriously the boys took the steps, and how well they did.
We have the wrong hat, but that Weblo (long "e" and "o") scarf gets me all emotional.  4th grade!

Doesn't he look so handsome?
He helped his friend with his bear neckerchief. 
Unfortunately, we didn't stay for the S'mores or the campfire, as I forgot a flashlight, chairs, and anything a more practical scouting dad would have brought, so the kids were a bit disappointed.  The good news is that he has 2 more camping trips (overnight trips) and will have his fill. 
What I really enjoyed that day (though I was so nervous about going, and panicked a bit if the truth be told) was seeing, or not seeing, Patrick having so much fun.  He was off in boy world with sticks and scavenger hunts and just having a great time.  I can't say that I will be the first to volunteer to go by myself again next year, but I hope I will be able to go next year. (last year, I had a newborn and was post-c-section.) 

June Ramblings

  • There is a bottle of champagne that is waiting, just like us.  It is waiting to be opened when we get the news of our house.  I have received 3 emails that say the same.thing.every.time.  "We are very close to the end, just waiting on one person to sign off on your papers, yada, yada."  We are supposed to be optimistic because this is "supposedly" taking a shorter time than most short sales.  I am starting to wonder.  Meanwhile, we wait.
  • James has decided that his newest favorite person is Papa.  His face lights up when he hears him call his name, and will crawl toward the TV room to see him.  There is so much laughter between the two of them!
  • Patrick's newest fascination is baseball.  He earned tickets to see the Nationals with his Scouting popcorn sales (thank you for all your help!), and he has talked about it non-stop.  He has been inviting everyone possible over to come over to play a real game of baseball.  The first week here, I found the kids in the neighbor's yard playing baseball with them, because "they had the better yard."  (no worries.  My dad knows the family - the dad is a police officer.  There is a fireman on the other side.  Good company!) 
  • Emma brought home all these papers from school, telling all about her year, showing how much she has progressed in her writing and spelling.  Her favorite thing that she learned this year?  How to draw people without stick arms and legs.  LOL  Her least favorite subject was reading because "it was too easy." 
  • Both my kids had great report cards, and I am super proud of them!
  • William continues to crack me up every single day.  We bought that boy a pair of crocs so he could go outside as much as he wants, since he was not willing to put on his own shoes, as they never wouldbe tight enough.  He is loving the freedom, as am I.  I am hoping the kids continue this trend with the new house (when and if we get the house.) because we will have lots of land.  The result of the time spent out of doors is lots of bug bites on all the kids.  We will just stock up on the bug spray, and keep sending them out!
  • Our time with my parents has been such a blessing.  We have very willing babysitters and it is so nice to see my kids spending so much time with them.  They seem to be so comfortable with them, and in the house.  It is so nice not to have to cook every night, and have an extra set of hands and eyes to help with the baby.
  • When we moved in, we decided not to bring anything but our kids' mattresses.  Our king size bed was too big to bring, so we are using what my mom has here.  When Tommy was talking to his sister-in-law, he was telling her that the hardest part of staying with my parents is their rules, including them requiring us to sleep in separate beds (Tommy has a trundle and I have the upper twin).  "After all, Fuzzy is his little girl."  She was quite indignant for us, and was getting upset until Tommy started laughing.  He has enjoyed using that joke on everybody. 
  • This week, Tommy's brother Paul is getting married!!  We are so excited to spend time with the whole family that will be in town.  Pictures to come, promise!  :) 
  • My generous, selfless husband was given the prestigious award of "Knight of the Year" from the Knights of Columbus.  We are so proud of him!  I know he works so hard, and I am tickled pink that he has been recognized for his dedication.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Day of School

 Last day as a 3rd grader!
 I love this swing because it fits all the kids!
 Last day as a 1st grader!
 We are so excited for the next year! 
 William will be staying home with me and doing some preschool next year.  Here's hoping all goes well!
I love my sweet kids!