Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Christmas Vacation Fun

round button chicken


I don't think there is anything prettier than the quietness, softness, and pure-ness of falling snow.


Everyone needs a little superhero in their life.....or two.  


 Say "cheese."  Or not.
Daddy, the fun parent, started a glow stick party at about bedtime.  Who can say no to all that fun?  Even Mommy had to join in the fun.  We turned off all the lights, played some Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, and "Roar!"-ed!  


 There are some things you forget to do when you have 3 boys, and tea parties are one of them.  James spent some time at his cousin's house and was in Heaven.  
This is the cake I made for Jenn's husband.  I was so pleased that she trusted me to help her celebrate his big birthday, and make his cake.  It was quite a cake, and super rich.  It didn't turn out as pretty as I was hoping, but for a first attempt I think it went quite well.

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

Your kids are seriously--SERIOUSLY--cute and that cake looks delicious. With the inclusion of peanut butter *and* chocolate, it doesn't matter that it's not perfectly perfect!

Happy weekend!! :)