Friday, January 27, 2017

7 Quick Takes: Sickness, Birthday, DC visits, and Derby

1). It's been a long time!  Happy New Year!  I'm glad I didn't make any kind of resolutions to blog more or anything like that.  We are back in the school swing, though some days, I think James would prefer to be on vacation.  He asked me on the first day back if he had to go to school again tomorrow?  Yep. You do, kid.  My Patrick has mid-terms, and decided this would be the perfect time for the flu.  Seriously, kid?  We were due for our Epiphany house blessing and visit with our priest who married us, but had to cancel.  I am so bummed!  I am currently spraying all surfaces with thieves, diffusing my VERY last bit and praying.  The stomach bug went through the house around Christmas, and unfortunately it is still around at school.  I am wishing we didn't have to worry about the sickness during this time of year. We have had crazy Virginia weather (in other words, totally unpredictable hot and cold) so it hasn't helped with the germs. Praying that I am doing the best for my kids and getting them healthy. 
2). On New Year's Eve, we went to DC to meet up with my sister and her family in for the Congressional swearing in.  We enjoyed a quick visit to the Botanic Gardens.  My first time there.  I can't wait to go back!  We also were able to go with my brother in law to some special places in the Capital, and I was actually able to hear the whispering in the whisper chamber!  Dinner at Union Station, and a beautiful walk in DC and time with family was one of the best gifts our family could have!


3) My Emma had a birthday, and though I am not doing a whole blog post, I wanted to mention that my very tall, very sweet, and loving daughter has turned 12.  Twelve!  She has bigger feet than me, and is determined to be taller than me. I'm not sure I will allow it, but I am so thrilled with her joy of reading, coloring, and joy of singing for the Lord.

4) So, to piggyback above, the rest of my kids decided to get sick.  I knew there was something amiss with James, and Patrick had the flu, but when James tested positive for strep, I tried to make sure that we didn't have any others, especially when Patrick's fever spiked super high after he was feeling better, and he threw up (classic Patrick strep symptom).  Well, the odds were against me.  5 for 5 tested positive!  I find medicine amazing.  They were better almost immediately!
5) The annual Pinewood Derby happened this month, and my boys did quite well.  My big boys (Tommy and Patrick) worked the track, and the cars.  The little guys raced their cars.  William's den was the fastest den of all.  Super proud!
James won this race.  His car is lane 1.

6) Our diocese has a new bishop!  I am so excited to say that I we went to a Mass at our parish and were able to meet him.  I forgot about asking for a blessing, and didn't quite say everything I wanted to say, but it was special to be there.  His secretary asked my kids, "What do you call a bishop?"  Patrick's response was "your Holiness" which I knew wasn't correct.  Father Wagner got a twinkle in his eye and left us to our own resources, so we had to talk to him to be sure we knew the correct answer. 

7) Today is the March For Life in DC.  My husband decided to take the oldest 3 with him today.  Cold weather, extra security with the Vice President speaking, and shorter legs than his made for a very long day, but I know they will come home feeling good.  Prayerful and joyful experience is my goal. 
That's all for now.  As I am limited to 7 on this blustery day.  Go visit Kelly to see more!