Friday, September 16, 2016

7QT: Ants go Marching, CWBN, Lucy and Honesty

Linking Up with Kelly for a 7 Quick Takes

1) We have survived the first weeks of school!  James has done really well, has come home talking about "my friend" in his class, and learning all the ins and outs of kindergarten.  I am especially excited that he wants to show me all his work!  He was the one I was worried about, since it was his first time in all day school. 

2) Lucy is the only child at home with Mommy and seems to get in more trouble when the kids come home.  She talks so much, complete sentences.  Runs to find exactly what you need her to find.  When you call her name, she says, "Yes?"

On the drive home from school, Lucy gets louder as she tries to make herself heard over all the kids.  So she says my name over and over and over again, and doesn't really have anything to say so she has a phrase: "Yogurt raisins all gone."  Sometimes drawn out, sometimes fast, but she knows it's nonsensical, but she smiles and says it anyways.

She is also THE most polite child. Her "thank yous" come after anyone does anything for her. Including change her diaper!  She says "'scoos me, Mommy!" when she interrupts and will say please more than I ever have to prompt her. Even when she is upset she will scream her polite "pleeeeeeeease!"

Her awesome curls are the talk of everywhere we go, and she has begun to notice what people say.  "Lucy's hair curly?  Lucy's hair curly."   I can't believe she is almost 2! 

3) At the beginning of September, I took a drive into Front Royal to meet some amazing Catholic bloggers at a Conference (CWBN mid Atlantic).  Some of my favorites were there, and kept me a bit tongue-tied.  The extrovert in me wanted to meet everyone, make connections and just be friends with as many as I could.  But the introvert in me won out.  I don't often take the time to do things for "me" including retreats, or even enough going out with Moms to make new friends.  I had an great time listening to the talks (by Elizabeth Foss, Mary Lenaburg, Jenny Ryan, and hosted by the sweet Rosie Hill and emceed by Kelly), but I think I wasn't prepared to learn so much, and all I could think of was that I don't fit in this group.  I struggled a lot that day, and wished I had been better prepared, and really ready to open up in groups, open my heart to new friends, and squelch that dreadful feeling of inferiority.

I have sat down to blog about it many times, but the words don't want to come.  Mary encouraged me to share exactly what I am feeling, and to be more vulnerable, and even share on Facebook.  Baby steps.

 4) Tommy and I celebrated our 14th anniversary on September 14, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.  I went to Mass with my little kids' school, and I love hearing the same readings we heard all those years ago.  We didn't celebrate that day, but Tommy took of the next day.  We spent the day just being together, and actually went to a shooting range.  My first experience with a gun, and Tommy's first time shooting a pistol.  I was the flincher in the corner, when we first got into the room, jumping at the (really) loud guns going off.  I have to say once I got past the nervousness, I did okay.  And may even go back!  Who says you need a date night?  Date days are even better!  Especially when you have wonderful friends who will watch Lucy for the morning.

5) James has joined the boys in the house and become a Lion Scout!  The cutest little guy around is doing the pilot program in the local Pack, and he is so excited!  It's a very easy, once a month thing with the little boys, and we had the first meeting at our house.  I loved the joy of all the little boys and their parents who came for the meetings.  I teased Tommy that any parent that offers to help or lead gets first dibs in the small den.  :) 

6) Our ants have died.  They didn't last very long, but absolutely fascinating to see the progression of the ants building the tunnels.  I am still opposed to any more pets, as I can barely keep up with the humans I have in my home already.

7) The beautiful Rachel Cupps was so generous to offer new headshots of the ladies that attended the conference, and it took me some time to get up the noive to put myself in front of the camera.  But, I did, and I am so glad I have a photo that shows me my wrinkles, and the extra layers of age on my face, as well as the new dress and necklace that I just love. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hiking as a Family!

Tommy was the most excited about this outing.  We were going hiking as a family!  It was a very hot day, with a promise of waterfalls and a swim!  It was a long drive, and I am one for keeping my head down so I don't make those dreadful scared noises while my very capable husband drives.  So when my phone says "No service" I knew we were almost there.

The water was cold, and rocky.  The kids enjoyed some slides that were naturally made in the rocks.  Not the most smooth, but I was impressed that the big kids tried it out.

Not my usual habitat, but I was there!

I couldn't believe how well the kids hiked.  Not one complaint, or annoyance uttered, except maybe by myself.  James just wanted to be helpful and carry a backpack with the camelback water.  He wasn't a quick hiker, but was so happy to just be along and chat with Daddy, who slowed his pace to be with his little feet.  

The bigger kids were so fast, and Patrick had the next biggest pack.  All the scouting trips and hikes sure helped his endurance.  The falls we stopped at were the lower ones, as I knew by looking at how steep it was that the kids wouldn't make it.

And, most of all, it was lovely!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Patrick. Teenager. !!!

No, I didn't forget to post about my oldest entering teenage years.  I perhaps was in denial?  Yes.  More than likely.  If I don't document it, it didn't happen?  Right? 

Well, like it or not, my oldest is 13.  He will be confirmed this year, and continue on in his journey at Seton and finding his path towards Heaven.  Some days he even mentions that he will be a priest.  :)  My heart is happy to hear that he even thinks of that as an option, and I pray he finding his vocation in life.
Happy Birthday to the boy who loves to hike, try new foods, and play board games.

My son who doesn't like cake, loves ice cream, and asked for Indian Nut Bars and wings for his birthday celebration.  His cousin joined us to celebrate on is day, and he chose "Hoosiers" for us to watch. 

My Assumption baby, my first born, my big-hearted child, who even asked to learn how to change Lucy's diapers so he could help me more.  He loves games, but especially card games, new ones, and ones that he can take to school to play with his friends at recess, when he's not up for basketball.
We love you, our best Patrick!!