Sunday, February 15, 2015

January Highlights

I am well aware that I hoped I would be blogging more often with the new machine in the house, but I didn't count on the learning curve, and when someone else gives you a computer that is not of your choosing (IOW a type that you are not familiar), it will take some getting used to.  Including the fact that I can't just put my memory card from my camera in the side and upload my pictures for the blog.  Curses.  So, I will give you some highlights of our month, through the eyes of my phone. 

  • In Patrick's world, we finished our first Science Fair project.  (whew) No awards, but we are super proud of his hard work.  He ended up with a good grade in that class for the quarter, and was aware of the things he needed to work on the next time around.  I am grateful we had a great set of teachers to walk the kids through each step.  We are waiting to hear back from my high school to see if he was accepted, so we can decide if we will send him at 7th grade or defer to 9th.  I think he has his heart set on going to Seton, especially since his cousins will be there.  I pray we have the path set for us so we can follow the best one for our Patrick! 
  • Much to my and Emma's excitement, we made a trip to the American Girl Store in our area, with some of her cousins.  It was a really fun girls day out, and she was able to buy some new items for her doll, and start her wish list of more dolls and dreams! 

    She is also doing basketball again, and enjoying the time with Tommy as assistant coach.  Emma also became a Squire Rose this month!  I was so impressed with all the young ladies that were there to join, and I loved the symbolism and words of the ceremony, which, of course, I can't tell you about. 
    And, as you can see in this picture, she got her braces off! We get a little break for her teeth.
  • William excelled in Pinewood Derby for the scouts this year.  He was second in his den, and 10th overall in the pack.  His is the red "Flash" car.  He did very well! (My other pictures are on my camera.)
He is progressing really well in school, and has told me that he "is the smartest in the whole class" and I don't doubt it.  I also think he has been told that by his teacher, who wants to encourage him to work harder, and challenge himself more.  He did spend a time in the desk next to the teacher, all by himself, which didn't seem to bother him too much.  But I did see that his new years' resolution was to get out of that particular "lane" in his classroom.  I am glad he realized it wasn't a privilege!  He reads everything he can get, and is at that awesome stage of soaking it all up.  We just need to work on his temper with his siblings, and to learn NOT to touch the baby when she is sleeping!
  • We took the kids to a handbell concert at our parish, where they got to see the largest handbells in the world be played.  It was a phenomenal concert, and even James just about jumped out of his seat when they played the big bells.
The kids got to experience the big bells, and poor William was a little too excited and hit his lip when he tried to play it.  It's not nearly as heavy as it looks, but he did have a little blood on his lip.
  • Lucy is just a sweetheart, giggling, smiling and giving and receiving lots of love!
  • James is still enjoying the time with Mommy, being a superhero, growing pains, and still not potty-trained.  He will say, "Sorry, Mommy, I went stinky in my diaper."  Sigh.  The fact that it is winter time makes it harder, as I can't just leave his diaper off and run around the house.  I can't MAKE him go, as he has come out with a super stubborn streak.  He is ALMOST 4, so I know it will be soon.  All my boys have gone on the potty closer to 4, and only when they are ready.  Still makes me feel like I am a failure. 
  • Tommy is super busy with all the Boy/cub scouts, and will be the new Scoutmaster for the troop come next month.  Can you see the extra gray hairs on my head from all this?  He has also begun working out with my friend in a class in the evenings.  I am SO excited for him, and so proud!  He will be sore, but he will love it. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Lucy Goosey is 4 Months!

Giggles abound, first ear infection (a double whammy!!), and so many smiles.  She has started to crunch up her legs and do some sit ups, and fits right in when she comes to exercise class with me.  She loves to coo and "talk" to us, and even the people behind us at church.  We love our Lucy!