Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Newest Toy in the House

The newest thing for the kids to fight over right now. I was downloading photos, and couldn't resist the fun in some of these.
Emma has a career in TV, don't you think?

Patrick and the Outdoors

My Patrick is growing up.  He has turned a corner this year and I am so excited to share this with you.  He is starting to enjoy the outdoors!  I have found him asking more and more to go outside.  This is the boy who almost always asks for the video games, movies, or playing with the iPod, and I was beginning to despair.  But, we have been going outside more often, and I am letting him outside  with his sister (which is a feat in itself for me since we live in a townhouse community with no fenced yard), and I have caught him (at different times) up a tree with a Tin Tin book, playing with worms, AND playing in the dirt!  I have high hopes for his summer camping trips with the scouts.  He is REALLY going to love it this year. It also is great news for our moving to our new home which has more than an acre of land, some cleared for playing and some woods for exploring. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coffee, anyone?

I love my in-laws.  They are the most patient, generous, kind and caring people I know.  My dear husband comes from good stock.  They also have some of the best stories and give the best giggles. 

One of my father-in-law's favorite possessions was a coffee mug with the name "Phyllis" on it.  No, my mother-in-law's name is NOT Phyllis, but it was a good mug.

Our parish festival is coming up this weekend, and there is a White Elephant sale that is always full of such great treasures that are donated by families.  My FIL came home from the sale so excited with his treasure.  He had found a matching Phyllis mug!!!  Yep.  You guessed it.  It's the same mug.  My MIL had tried to donate it to get it out of the house and didn't tell him.     

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


  • Any time he smells something, his question is "What does it smell?
  • "When I was a baby, I did that."
  • "No, when you write my name, you have to use CAPITAL letters."
  • William swears every day is Sun-day when the sun shines in his eyes.  I think I need to teach that boy the days of the week.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Dance

What a special night!  She had a wonderful time.  Grandpa was there as well, with his daughter and granddaughter.  More pictures to come!

Look who's big stuff!

10 months is a busy time: standing up, crawling, and getting into mischief.  What a stinker!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Easter Pictures

As promised! The cute photos with the Easter bunny. Most photos show William pre-bump.

Do you know that face on Emma? Oh yes, that's the "can we please take it home, Mommy?" face. Oh yes. The mean Mommy said no.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Egg Roll

William started the rolling/spinning. I would have never thought to roll the eggs on the skinny side! He did it all by himself.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

At least somebody is listening

While out shopping today, I went over (a few times) the "inside" and "outside" voices with William. He is getting a bit better in our shopping trips (we made 2 today), and I know it's hard to remember sometimes.

On the way home, I lost my temper with the kids and was giving them a yelling lecture - in other words, it lasted a few minutes. William, at the end of it, very quietly says to me that I need to use my "inside voice."

Thank you, dear.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's April!

No worries. I am NOT the April Fool type. I am usually the one that people look to pull pranks on because I am so darn gullible and get scared too easily.

So, I had all these cute videos and pictures of my sweet kids, and our breakfast and egg hunt with the Easter bunny this weekend, and my camera and computer have decided that they are not on speaking terms. I have tried to help them reconcile, but I think it will need a better mediator than myself. Soo, as I really planned on blogging, you will have to just keep up with me. The biggest news of that morning was not the eggs that were found in the baskets and in the bushes. Oh no. The egg that was the talk of the party and the weekend was the one that showed up on William's forehead. He has a whopper of an ear infection, and I think he just tripped and his head hit that tile floor so hard. It sounded like a bowling ball hitting the floor. It is literally the size of an egg, and black and blue. He was in so much pain, and so upset. He kept trying "to push it back in" and was frustrated that he couldn't! Poor little guy. ANOTHER bump on his head. Still in search of some bubble wrap big enough for him.

This week is a busy week. Not only is it Holy Week (my absolute FAVORITE time of the liturgical year!! I love love love the Triduum!), but the kids start vacation on Holy Thursday, AND our house is going on the market this week. And the reason it is going on the market is because we have put an offer on a house!!! I can't believe we are at this point. I did not think we would find a place that I would feel good in, or that would be a good price. God has been so good to us in this process so far, we are praying that it continues!

I have found out something. About myself. Something I never thought I would dig from the depths of my being. I like living in a house with less stuff. It's not a new concept. Not at all. But to me, I like to hold onto things "just in case" we need it. I try to declutter, but like to blame my messiness on the kids, and how I don't have time to clean, blah, blah. Such baloney. This lent, I found out that God wanted me to declutter, and get.rid.of.STUFF. Boy, did I ever! I feel so good, and my house is so clean (no, really! I am so proud of how it looks. You have to come and see it!) and we barely have anything extra in the house so it's easier for me to pinpoint what to take care of, and give chores......all you people who are already organized (cough*be nice* cough) know this. It's not rocket science. I find I am calmer, less stressed, and I feel better. Now, it's not immaculate every day, but it is so much better, and I need to be sure to keep this up in our new home!!! Thank you, Lord, for putting this in my path for Lent!

And, for the bestest, biggest, most amazing news of all: James is in his OWN BED! I can put him down awake - you read that right, AWAKE! - and he will put himself to sleep: naps and bedtime! We are still working on the "sleeping through the night" business, but I am so happy!! I can actually do things at night, and during the day. Now that I think about it, I know he was giving me the signals that he didn't want me to hold him so much or rock him to sleep, but I don't think I was ready. He is getting so old, and I can't believe that it has taken me almost 10 months to get that boy in his own bed. I know that James sleeping so well has put the fire under me to get packing and do what I need to do to get this house ready to go.

I hope you have a wonderful Holy Week and a blessed Easter. I am going to try to get my computer to cooperate so you can see some crazy stuff my kids are doing now, but I guess it will have to wait.