Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Day of School 2016

Patrick finished school at the beginning of June, which has been a blessing for this mom to run out while the baby is napping.  He did amazing at his new school.  Of course this is the last day, as I couldn't get a photo with his tie on. 

Here is the first day of school.  Love seeing how big these kids are now.
All the kids did great!

Off to 3rd and 6th grade!

James is 5!

"I want to invite Father Lee to my birthday."
"Well, okay you have to invite him yourself."
He marched right up to our pastor, and told him all about his big day coming.  It was about 2 weeks before the big day, so he had time to plan.  A Tuesday night, for a pastor of the largest parish in the diocese, we didn't think he would come, but I made sure he knew he was VERY welcome.  We were so excited when Father said he would join us!
We had a very full day on James' June 14 birthday.  We helped sing at the "Golden Agers" Mass (aka seniors Mass), and Father Lee said Mass then as well.  After Mass, he asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!  James was overwhelmed, but it was adorable.
Father asked if we could include the seminarian staying at our parish in our dinner as well, and after doing a quick mental calculation of how much meat we had to include another man's appetite, I said of course!  As a mom of boys, of course I want more interaction with seminarians.

We had a WONDERFUL time, though it was quick.  There was so much laughter, and we knew Father was from a large family, and we made sure the visitor Daniel was too. 
The light saber battles didn't phase our guests much, and the dinner and cake went over so well.


A special birthday blessing and they were off.  We hope they will come back soon!  James was floating through the day and loves being 5. 


Monday, June 6, 2016

A Visit This Side of Heaven

My mother (and her mother) always said that when someone comes to mind, especially out of the blue, you should pray for them.  I have always believed that, especially in those middle of the night wake ups, when you aren't sure why, and it has always stuck with me.

When I was a teenager (more than 20 years ago!) we had a parish priest that was a very dear friend to the family.  He came to our home for visits, meals, Mass and just a joy filled time.  He was my spiritual director at the time, for as long as he was at All Saints.  And when I got married Father Riley came and concelebrated at my wedding. 

It has been years since I had seen Father, and he had been assigned to a parish in Colorado, so it wasn't too odd for him to come to mind.  But what was odd was to come home after a workout and grocery store run and find a note on my front door in his handwriting!  It was such a special surprise that I burst into tears. I didn't have any contact information for Father, and I was so grateful that a far away friend helped me so we could meet before he had to leave. 
We met up at the new chapel at Seton with 4 kids, where we received a special blessing, and even a photo.  Father was in his ever-present Notre Dame gear, and even without his shoes, sitting on the floor praying the rosary.  So Father Riley!  It was a quick visit, but a very special one nonetheless. 

Something Father said really hit me.  (Yes, I know, I'm really slow)  His note said he hopes to see me once more "this side of Heaven."  Those words make me cry. 

Every time.

Yes, that is our goal.  Heaven is always the first goal.  But sometimes I forget how it will be shared with so many special people that God has placed in our path.  They are here to help us on this side of Heaven.  We will all have eternity to enjoy the time together.  Such a beautiful thought. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lucy 20 months

 Lucy is such a stinker.  She talks up a storm.  She answers all of your questions and will go look for whatever you ask her to find. She is VERY clear about what she wants and does NOT want.  Some days she is so very almost 2. 
She loves things that are "pretty" especially her dresses and skirts, and all of mommy's jewelry.  It is "prebby" and just adorable to hear.  We have even painted her toenails!  And she will watch her toes while she walks afterwards. 
She climbs on everything, and my big fear is that she will learn to climb out of the crib too soon!  All step stools, chairs, and even the stairs when she can get around the gate.
I love her curls.  I love how the little ringlets bounce when walks, and some days she has a little one that will sit right in the middle of her forehead.
 It is adorable to hear her get excited and say "Daddy!" when the garage door is heard.  Or her little voice tell the kids "bye!" when it's time for them to get out of the car for school. 
Music is so much fun with her, and she knows all the prayers, though she won't actually say the words, she will do all the proper motions, and sometimes will mouth the words.