Thursday, August 23, 2018

(It's Still) Summer Recap

Yes.  Technically it is still summer.  I think I need to add some odds and ends about the summer, and will just have to do a birthday post for the boys and first day of school posts.  I must, of course.  :)

  • First and foremost, Tommy, Paul and my in-laws all made it home safely, just before the 4th of July.  The trip was almost 2 weeks, and  they enjoyed the great western states so much.  Yellowstone keeps calling Tommy's name, and he would love to get back there soon!  Mom Reynolds had a great recovery and we are so glad everyone is home.  That trip was once in a lifetime!  I just have a few highlights.  And only 1 blown tire.


  • While Tommy was away, William and I had a visit to the White House with the Webelo scouts.  William had never experienced the amount of security involved in going to the President's house and wasn't sure we would ever make it inside.  We even met a Secret Service Agent who was an Eagle Scout, and very encouraging to the boys to keep going.  I loved spending the day with my boy.  I bummed a ride from some really amazing friends who took such great care of us, since I am not a fan of driving to DC. 
  • My oldest both had some service weeks this summer, and both came home joyful and happy to do it again!  Patrick attended the Parish Work Camp in Richmond for a week, and the photos and videos I received were such gems.  I love technology for the instant check in on the kids.  Emma worked in the music room at the Vacation Bible School at our parish for her Confirmation hours, as well as Middle School Mission: local service jobs with kids of her own age.  There is nothing more joyful than helping others and giving.  I need to find those kinds of things all year to keep up that feeling.
  • The biggest event of the summer was the 10 day visit from my brother and his family of 6 girls!  We were able to enjoy 2 of the girls full time in our home and it was wonderful. Celebrating our summer birthdays, including my brother Joe.  We were missing about 9 from the big family photo.  Not bad though.  Even with some yellow jacket stings, we still had smiles.  The visit was filled with love and much giggles, and it was a blessing to be together as my Sister-in-Law, Melanie, was having surgery. It went well, thanks be to God. 

  • My in-laws celebrated  their 49th wedding anniversary!  It was lovely to be with family, even some from out of town arrived to be with them.  We heard some fun stories from my Mother-in-law's 2 brothers who came.  Family is such a blessing!  (Side Note: I realized at this event that my camera is a bit older than I would like, and I found that the iPhone X was taking better pictures than me.  The shutterbug in me is so frustrated with this piece of information, and didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.  But I do love taking pictures, and having the memories.  Though I need to get better about albums so the kids can sit and look at them.)

  • We celebrated 2 birthdays, dubbed "The best birthday ever!" More to come on those.  Apparently when Mommy doesn't plan, they go better.