Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No, I Haven't Forgotten How To Blog

But my computer, well, let's just say it has forgotten who is boss around here, and it apparently is not me. It is sick. Oh very sick. The internet is not working!!  And I am just trying this whole blogging on my new tablet thingy today. Not sure I like it so much, but I miss blogging and sharing my photos of my super cute kids.   But I can share some of the super cute things they say.

James is so excited to tell me what time it is, but he isn't quite sure how to read the clock face.
''It's five o'clock somewhere!''

From the playroom, playing superheroes, ''I'm Flash Drive!"  (William)
"Hey!  You can't copy my powers!" (Patrick)

We are almost done with our very first science fair with Patrick. I have not heard the word "dense/density" and the like so much!!  It is quite stressful, on my part, and I wish I was as calm as he is, but it has been going on since October!  They walk him through all the steps, but it just seems like so much!  Here's hoping he will do a good job.  We are also trying to decide what we will be doing for school for him and high school!! so we would love some prayers. We know God is taking care of us, and we just want to follow His will.

I have a new little joy right now called Jamberry. Have you heard of it?  I am hosting a party right now for my friend who is a new consultant (and considering it myself) and I am so enjoying this! Look at how pretty!
Care to join in?  The party closes on Saturday, January 31! 
Ta-DA!!! Thanks to the generosity and amazing sweet Father-in-Law, we have a NEW, NEW laptop!  I am able to finish this post with a real keyboard, and on the internet.  Our poor laptop is officially done for, as it may cost more to repair.  Sigh.  On the plus side, we can let the kids write papers and whatnot without the fear of the internet being a distraction.  Until they need to look something up.  Well, not everything is perfect.
But, I am hoping I am back up and running.  Promise for more blog and sweet baby pictures to come very soon.   

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Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

Mazeltov on the new computer!

Before you copy over your old files, make sure you don't have any viruses from the old one. You dont' want to kill two computers!lliki