Monday, August 25, 2014

School! It has begun!

 Early risers were very ready for school.  Tommy said they ate breakfast with their backpacks on!
 Middle School Patrick: 6th grade

 Batman will stay at home with me to keep me safe.
 Ever-ready, ever happy for school Emma: 4th grade.  (she wanted to wear her uniform to Mass on Sunday!)
 William is thrilled by his teacher, the same one Emma had.  1st grade!
God bless al the teachers, staff and all the families this year.  Thank you, Lord, for this amazing community that has been incredibly generous to our little family!  I need to write a blog post about it, but I am so emotional, and I can't do it properly!

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Jen F said...

Hi Fuzzy,

Know we are praying for you. I remember when I was pregnant with our second, I was on bed rest from late July to when Mike was born in late Sept. It is hard and you do feel so disconnected, useless, frustrated, etc. But do try and remember it really is short term, even though it feels soooo long. You are so blessed with such a wonderful family and community. Just a thought - maybe this experience will be a lasting memory for your own children of the universal love of God, when His love is shared and received from others beyond Mom and Dad.
Take care,
Jen -- Jess's friend from college, the one who lives in CT :)