Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby Girl Sprinkle

Feeling so blessed and loved!  My amazing sister-in-law offered to host a "sprinkle" for me, to include my family and some close friends.  I was overwhelmed with love and it was wonderful to just spend time with those important people.
Emma insisted on wearing pink, and her cousin Laura came to join in the girl fun.
Christine is AMAZING at everything she does, and the details for this celebration were impeccable.   Everywhere I looked was something extra special with her personal touches.
My friends Katie, Sarah and Katherine.  My wonderful friends for forever!  Love them, and their sweet families.
Jess, Katie and Melanie (my sister-in-law, married to my brother).
More Reynolds!  Hayley, Lynsey, Chrissy and our superb host, Christine!
We tried for some family shots. Thank you to Amber (next to me) and Katie for taking so many wonderful photos!
My very sweet and very excited Emma: big sister-to-be!

The favor was a sachet with lavender (love love!) and each time I catch the aroma, it brings me back to that lovely afternoon.
We played some games including make a baby with play doh.

My favorite is the pink one in the middle with the binky.  
Identify the chocolate in the diaper.

Sweet Gus and his beautiful mom, Nichole!
I love this picture!   
Grandmas and me.

It was such an amazing day, and my family and friends are still talking about the joys and details of the day.  The food was delicious, desserts were just sweet enough to tempt my sweet tooth, and the decorations were sweet and pink!  Everyone was so impressed!
We were showered in love!  Everyone was so generous!
Can you believe this outfit???  SOO adorable!

The shirt says, "Grandma loves me more than Bingo."  :)  Aunt Chrissy finds the best shirts!

 (On a side note, it has been very tough to shower and wash my hair with this tube, since it can't really get wet.  My hair has been so sad, and it has been frustrating not being able to feel pretty.  My sister Jess shared a gift card for a haircut and blow dry with me at a salon, and I was able to enjoy a little more pampering before the shower.  It was so nice to feel (a little) pretty and ready for my close up.)

I don't know if I can gush enough about this sweet day, and how special it was to spend the time with everyone.  All these people are so special and dear to us, and I could not have gotten through all this without all the love and prayers from each of them!

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