Saturday, June 23, 2018

James is 7!

And this boy could not have been any more excited to have a birthday, even during school!  They had a "reading celebration" on the same day, and the parents were invited to listen to the children read, instead of the opposite. 

Happy birthday to the boy who hugs with all his might, loves with all his heart, and thinks of others first.  Pok√©mon, Super Smash Bros Brawl, scooters, reading, and love of Jesus.  And whatever the big brother is doing makes you happy.  We love our sweet James!!!

Last Days of School

To refresh your memory, or make you feel old, this is the First Day(s) of School.
First one to finish!  Off to 8th grade after an AMAZING year first year at a new school.  She received an award in almost every single subject.  Which means that she had grades 95 or higher. Go Emma!  So proud.  She even entered an essay contest and came in the top 3 of the Junior High. 

Second finisher is the new 10th grader.  First honors, and a year full of first honors, and growth even noticed by his teachers.  I am so proud of his journey as a young man.  He has been attending a weekly prayer group, youth ministry, and even decided to go to Work Camp.

Award for the longest year ever, goes to these boys who finished 2 weeks after the big kids.  William is going to be in 5th grade next year. Finished the year with a very tough teacher with 2nd honors.  When asked what he liked the most, he said "sparkle was my favorite."  Why?  Because he knew the teacher's pattern for calling on the students.  And he used to position himself in a certain place so he could "always come in 2nd."  What an amazing kid. 

This boy!!  What a year!  2nd grade will be so great for him. He loved all the reading, and how much his teacher challenged him, and with each note she sent home thanking me for the work I do as his mom and "first reader" brought me to tears. He sprouted and grew this year in height as well! 

Friday, June 22, 2018

May. Again.

So, when I said May was a bit crazy, I wasn't kidding. 

My in-laws have a big RV, and decided to make a trip around the US to visit some of the amazing sights and all of their kids and grandkids.  On the stop with Mary and Ryan in Oregon, the week of Mother's Day, my MIL fell and broke her hip and femur.  Surgery, rehab, and a much longer stay in Oregon, and lots of uncertainty made for a very long month.  But Mary is a nurse, and the fact that they were near her and able to be with my in-laws during all this made all of us this far away much happier. 

Exactly one month later, on June 18, she was given the A-OK from her surgeon to return home in the RV.  Their trip home also includes 2 extra passengers: Tommy and Paul. 

These amazing men hopped on a plane to help drive the RV and help with the long trip back.
It might have looked a little like this:
Of course they will make the best out of this trip, as my sweet husband always does. He will get to go through some states he has never seen, and even some Wal-Marts in some never before traveled states. Even a tough situation. We aren't sure how long this trip will last, and we are praying they make it home safely!