Thursday, April 3, 2014

Murphy's Law Strikes Again

I'm sure I have mentioned this before, but Murphy's Law and I seem to be quite close.  And, as per usual, this law seems to strike when my dear husband is.not.home. 

A weekend without my oldest boys (Tommy and Patrick) in the house usually isn't a big deal, as camping trip usually start Friday night and end Sunday morning.  Unless there is water dripping into your kitchen from a mysterious upstairs location, and it's a Saturday when most plumbers will charge extra.  But, I have amazing brothers-in-law and one came over and helped me find another leak, in my pantry.  It was quite wet in there, and I knew that whoever was going to do work in there, would need to have it cleaned out.  So, while I woke that morning with a little more energy and hopefulness to get some housework done (oh, you should see my house!  No, actually, you shouldn't.  It's dreadful.), my energy was spent cleaning out my pantry.  My wonderfully large, corner pantry for my gourmet kitchen.  Sigh.

I did not find a plumber, but a sweet friend of mine called in a friend, and he came (from Uraguay, who called me "Foossy") and we found the leak.  3 holes in the drywall later.  Upstairs, behind the shower in our room.  Hooray for an easy fix, and no holes in my kitchen, though some drywall will need to be fixed, and my Saturday was done.  The positive side is that I found some expired food, and I will have some more room in my pantry when it's time to put everything away.  Right now, it smells like wet drywall, and I need to put some more bleach.  Yech.

So, technically, all should be well by Sunday because Daddy will be home.  Not so lucky.  He had to go to Mass at 5:30.  At 6:25 I hear a thud, cries, and some terrific screams of "MOMMY!"  I knew, by Emma's screeches that it involved blood.  Yep, William slipped and hit the hardwood stairs with his lip.  I knew as soon as I saw it that he would need stitches.  I wasn't near my cell, so I tried to call Tommy from the house phone.  Called and called and called.  No answer.  Finally, after calming William down, and grateful that he told me to "Call 911, that will help!" I got him to hold some ice on it and text Tommy.  THEN he called me, and said that apparently our kids know his number too well and call just like I did.  (That involved a little lecture with SOME of our children)  And, since I didn't have a car or dinner, we all drove and dropped them off.  Poor William had 2 stitches in his lip, but was super brave.

So, while I wait to see if I am going to get a new shower and perhaps a light in my pantry, I am being a good nurse and trying to keep everything all together.  (and failing.  William has already taken out a stitch.  Sigh)

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