Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Camping is In Tents!

While the big boys were away at camp, Mommy made a tent for my little campers at home.  Our living room was transformed.
 Sometimes when I build a fort the kids aren't too thrilled, but this time, we had them sleeping in it for almost 3 nights!  James wouldn't stay in his spot, and was okay with sleeping in his own bed.
 And, we even had glow sticks in the house! 
 Pillows, blankets and toys came out instantly, and they spent a good amount of time in the tent.
 Tents went up Wednesday night, and the boys came home on Saturday.  The kids wanted Patrick to see the tent and share in their excitement, but as you can imagine, Patrick was very tired and ready to just sit and settle.  But, what happened was Tommy decided to put up the "real" tent in the basement for them (which they will get to use on the family camping trip in a month - without the mommy who will be 8 months pregnant!).  And he promptly took a nap inside.
 James was not far from Tommy's side as soon as he came in the door, and joined him for some fun in the tent.
 And all that fun wore him out.  So sweet! 
There wasn't a minute that James wasn't asking "I go wisth you, Daddy?"  or to be held.  This was so precious.

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