Thursday, September 6, 2018

First Days of School 2018

Seton kids go first. 
8th grade for Emma!  I don't think she slept the night before school started.  The excitement of new friends and school work makes her happy!
Sophomore year for Patrick.  (Oh my goodness)  He wasn't quite as excited, but has the desire to do every single club, play and movie the school is offering.  Schoolwork will be a challenge this year, with a full schedule. 

When the big kids have to go, the little ones get up too! 
Then, the next First Day of School came!

5th grade!  His teacher is full of energy, and quite an impressive resume.  We are happy to have new friends to choose and help feel welcome.

2nd grade!  2 sacrament this year, a growth spurt over summer, and the joys of old friends. 

God bless all the teachers, students, and the parents.  We are so blessed to have this community, both schools, and God has been so good to us. 

Patrick is 15!

And when you have certain loves, you are old enough to plan and decide how you want to spend your day.  Shorter Christian Prayer book from his Godfather, and the t-shirt as a reminder for him as well. 

Classic Rock, good friends, food, and video games.

Best birthday for him in a long time!  Happy birthday to my Assumption Blessing, smart, sweet, and wealth of knowledge about Led Zeppelin. We hope this Sophomore year is the best ever.   

We love these boys!  It is a blessing to know them all.

Happy 10th William!

We had to say goodbye to our cousins visiting, and we braved the super hot day for a zoo visit!

The day included a picnic lunch, a visit to the Zoo and the Kimono dragon (most important visit for the birthday boy).  The evening had an Eagle scout ceremony for some amazing young men in the Troop, and an errand with Mommy when she locked her keys in the car and we had an adventure as we waited.  It was deemed "the best birthday ever" and he was so happy!  We love you, sweet William!