Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Mumblings

  • James was talking about his friend named Jack.  "He always says hi to me.  He has polka dots on his face."  Best name for freckles ever!
  • Emma was unloading the dryer with all the baby clothes in it, and it took her about 10 minutes, because each piece had to be examined with, "Aww, look!  It's so little!  It's so cute!"  "Look!  The lint trap is PINK!"  She is so sweet!

  • James has moved to a big boy bed ALL ON HIS OWN!  My nephew babysat one night, and when I came up to check on him, I was stunned to see the crib empty!  There is a toddler bed already in his room which looks like a fire truck, and he was sound asleep!  I never thought he would do it without me, and each time we have tried to let him, he won't stay in the bed.  He has done it every night since.  He has been telling me that the baby will sleep in his crib, but I didn't think he would do it on his own!  What a sweetheart!

  • James came to me with those Velcro catching toys, but no ball.  He says, "let's play catch!"  And I waited to see what he meant.  He threw a "ball" to me and I caught it.  We played catch in the house with a pretend ball.  He even would miss and say "it rolled over there."  So funny.
  • William is very busy in his 1st grade class, and when I ask about things, sometimes it's really tough to get information from him.  He always says "the teacher says" this or that, but never uses her name.  He did that last year too.  It's always interesting to try to tell him how to do something, because he gets all frustrated because I don't do it the way "the teacher told me to!"

  • Patrick is definitely an 11 year old boy, with all the silliness and goofiness and a bit of absent-mindedness that goes with it.  This article makes me wonder when my son read this as his manual.  SPOT on!  We had an episode where we had to send him back to the shower because when we asked him, he forgot to use soap.  Palm, meet face. 
  • And, because I have some, here is a 36 week belly shot with my beautiful Mom.

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