Monday, November 18, 2013

Happiness is holding a sweet baby

 Congratulations to Paul and Nichole on the birth and baptism of their beautiful baby boy!  Baby August came right before we went to Disney, so we finally got to meet and hold the sweet boy on his baptism day.

 James told me baby August could sleep in his room.

 What an adorable little man!  We love you!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween and All Saints

As my sister said, when you have costume parties in Disney World, it is a little bit of a letdown to talk about Halloween at home.  Tommy came home a little late, and I was afraid it was going to rain really hard.  We had some sprinkles, but it wasn't too bad.

 My "Spider" kids.  William wanted to be buddies with Emma.
 And this boy was in his costume first thing in the morning.
 Patrick wanted to give out the candy, but also decided to make his own minion costume.  He did the goggles himself, and kept trying to wear them as he put the candy in the bags.  He could barely see and almost missed the bags a few times.  
 My fantastic four.  Love them!
 Monsters University pumpkin by Patrick.
 For those of you who have seen the movie, the "U" is Art.  
 Love me some Mickey Mouse.  Always!

At our school, we celebrated our feast day: All Saints Day!  Third grade dresses as a saint and parades in at our Mass.
 Here is my Saint Clare of Assisi, costume made by my third order Franciscan Mother.  
 Saints Clare, Lucy and Anne.

Three questions:
What is today's Feast?
What is the name of our school?
What are we all called to be?
The answer is the same for all three!