Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween Days 2017

Halloween!  This year was a marathon!  Our weekend began with a Halloween party at the Knights while the big boys camped.  This post is heavy on costumes, and cute kids.  Just forewarned.
Batman, the Dark Knight, Sleeping Beauty, Hermoine, and Lego Batman.

And, though the Dark Knight isn't happy, Mommy did attempt a lady bug, but determined that I am not the costume type.  Especially since my wings broke after this photo.

I love the simplicity of their parties.  Crafts, pumpkin fun, games, breakfast and a goody bag tailor made for each age.  Best part?  Not too much candy! 
Even though our next event was a school night, there was no way we were missing Halloween at the White House!  The school was given over 300 tickets, and we put our family name in the lottery to go.  We were picked! and got the last time slot: 7PM.  Great for the mood of Halloween, not so great for photos.

It was cold, and We had different costumes, for some. 
My teen is Error 404, Emma the Cat, Harry Potter, Lego Batman and Aurora!

They gave out candy, bandaids, stickers, photos of the White House and POTUS, and even Smokey the Bear.  NASA had a moon rock for everyone to feel!  It was interesting to see the Security wand the kids in costumes.  Even Lucy. Gave me the giggles, but I didn't want to be disrespectful. 
It was such a fun time, even though I had to do something I said I would never do: drive in DC.  Tommy works there, so it made sense for me to pick him up, but my hope was he would meet us outside of the city.  It didn't work out due to his job busyness, so I had to drive. 
I will admit there was a lot of yelling. 
And apologizing.

It was very cool experience!  We will definitely try to do it again next year! 
 The next day was officially Halloween.  The Penny Bazaar is the way the school celebrates, and we always try to help work a couple games, and enjoy the fun.

Lucy was warm and cozy in her costume, all day. 
And then, the event.  THE event.   

This is our second year with these sweet girls TOTing with us.  The planning that went into these costumes made me giggle.  Even down to the nail polish for "claws."  Love these girls.  Though they didn't share their Milk Duds with me.

This year, I decided to join the kids, and Patrick stayed to give out candy.  It was COLD, and I was grateful when Lucy's teeth started chattering.  And it ended up all the little came home with me, so Tommy was with the big kids.  Which means less candy for us to worry about!  :)

Monday, October 23, 2017

My Emma

My heart is just so full right now. I want to share some of my joy with you all.
I have this 12 year old daughter who is just amazing.  I am totally floored by her passion, attitude and achievements.  This young lady has enough confidence to sing at the microphone at Mass and volunteer to do it!  She is at her first year at a new school and has just done amazing.  In her first month, she received a Merit Award from the 7th grade girls at school, and it says that she demonstrates Christ-like qualities.   
I call this girl my flower.  She blooms where she is planted (grows taller than me), and loves her new school, makes friends easily, stays away from the drama and has amazing grades.  She helps around the house, can see the need of things to be done and often will step up to help with the small ones. Emma is in Squire Roses, sings in the choir, and the chamber choir.  Emma is always writing, drawing and planning the next thing to do.  Needless to say, but I am so proud of her!  The teachers at the school may say that she looks like me, but her personality is the definite opposite of mine.  It is a joy to watch her grow.  I am grateful for my Emma!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

ALS Walk in DC

We attended the ALS walk in DC with Joe and many of his coworkers.  It was so awesome to see how many people Joe has touched in his life, and the many coworkers and friends who came out to support Joe and his family.

Joe knows what he’s facing, and fighting. And all with joy.  He has always  been one to give joy to those around him; and true to form, he wants to make this, too, a journey of joy.  As he says, each day is a blessing, and the love and support that he has received from family and friends has convinced him that he is the luckiest man on the face of this earth!
Your prayers and financial support will help lighten this load for Joe, Melanie, and their four beautiful children.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

All About Lucy: Birthday, Big News, and Sparkles

My, my, how time does fly when you spend your days scrolling the book of faces and try, very unsuccessfully to keep house.  My days are full, but not really as full of what I hoped would be going on this year.  It's funny how so many people say that with one child at home I should be able to do so much.  I am not nearly as busy as I am when the kids are home.  And though this is not my first year with just one at home, I still have this response:


Well, in theory that would be amazing.  But, have you met any 2 year old who lets you do anything, uninterrupted?  Or, if you decide to potty train (oh my goodness I always forget how hard that is) and you feel like a helicopter pilot/mom.  That.  That ALONE fills the days.  Can I have a nickel for every time I say the word "potty"?

(Don't worry.  It was clean.  Never been used)
She's done really well!  I'm super proud of her, though some days I wonder if I started her too early.  But, we persevere!  And I love not worrying about diapers.  

Lucy had her very first dentist appointment, and though I told her she would be going after Mommy, so she could watch, she very seriously informs me that "I am going first."  Well okay then. 

She did uh-mazing.  And, when she was all done, she says, "I have sparkly teeth!" 

Love this girl.
Next up in this awesome girl's adventures is Lucy turning 3!

We had princess stuff everywhere, and are still enjoying the balloon daddy bought for his Princess.  I sent him to a fun store called Party Co for a cake topper.  I couldn't even fit it in the photo!
In not so exciting news, I tried to get to a local Bible study again.  Lucy must have had some serious bad memories as she started crying as soon as we entered the building.  I could hear her crying all the way down the hall again, and it broke my heart.  For a little one with so much energy and spunk, she is not a fan of "daycare" scenarios.  I was really hoping that she would feel comfortable, as I wanted to try to join a gym (though I doubt I will get my tush in the door of one)
Lucy understands so much, will help me remember things in the grocery store and keep the boys in line.  Her hair and curls are the talk of everyone wherever we go, and I just hope that they will stay!  I love that she is all about dresses, girly shoes, princesses, and purses, tea parties and fancy clothes.  It's adorable!


Thursday, August 31, 2017

First Day(s) Of School!

With 2 schools, we have 2 different start days.  Seton starts first!  Emma was thrilled to put on a new uniform.  She came to us and told us she said about 10 rosaries to help herself fall asleep (unsuccessfully). She was a bit excited!
7th grade, with the 2yo and her bed head.
Patrick.  The Freshman!  Here he comes!  He had just gotten full braces on, a couple days before.  But he refuses to smile showing his teeth.  We call it the turtle smile. 

James just wanted to be part of this photo shoot.  Can you find him?  Dejected, sad and unloved.

Round 2!  James is off to 1st grade!  He was so excited, and has Penguin Power this year!

William lost a tooth the night before to give himself a good "buck teeth" smile, in his worlds.
4th grade!  He will be a F.R.O.G.
(Fully rely on God)



Oh, and this stinker?  So 2.  So cute.  And So sweet.

Here's the crew!  All ready to go!  God bless all the teachers and their hard work.  Keep their joy and passion the whole year.  Please bless all their studies, and may they do them all for the greater honor and glory of God.  Always.

Here's to an amazing year!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Solar Eclipse!

The excitement was everywhere.  But especially online with all the things you were supposed to do, not supposed to do,  where to find the eclipse glasses, and how to use them.  Keep your eyes safe!  We were in the path of the partial eclipse, and chose not to drive to "totality" (which sounds eerily like an occult).  But, we were able to get glasses from a NASA visitor to the scout Pack meeting (score!), and we made some viewing boxes.

August 21, 2017!  We got excited, ran to have our teeth cleaned, and came home ready for the fun!

We tried really hard to view the eclipse, and see as much as we could, but the clouds were not cooperative.  The view in the box was the best, as I couldn't figure out hot to take a pic through my glasses.  It was an adventure!
 My husband was able to see it all, even the cool half moon shadows on the ground through the trees.  But, we had rain.
And though we kept trying, it was not really as exciting as we had hoped.

But, we will have another in 2024, and we will save our boxes and glasses for the next one! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August Birthday Boys, and An Incident

These boys will probably always have a shared post for their day(s) and especially this year after big family events and a party.  I am a bit partied out.

First: William is 9!  Mass, breakfast, rain, lots of rain, time with family, and cake and minions. Lots of minions.

And, the big 4-0 was my big brother Glenn!
(On a side note, I found this awesome banner maker, and I went a little crazy!)
Next is my big Freshman: Patrick is 14!
We had a quick visit from our priest friend, who gave us a beautiful Franciscan blessing and got us ready for the feast of the Annunciation, or Patrick's birthday. 

 By the way, do you see the bandaid on James' eyebrow?  He fell, while dressed as Batman, and hit his face.  The glasses broke the skin and he needed 3 stitches.  Poor thing was an amazing trooper!  After getting an expander this same week.  What a brave boy!