Monday, June 19, 2017

End of School Photos

Well of course I took photos on the last days of school!  We had 3 different "last days" but we got them!

First was Patrick, and his trusty sidekick for the next 2 weeks. School!

Then we did all 3 kids on the last day for James.  He had a graduation so he looked extra sharp.

4th grade, are you ready for this boy's fashion sense?

First Grade, here he comes!

Emma's last time in this uniform. She is off to Seton next year!  7th grade.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Some News

Our family is working through some big issues at this moment, and I am struggling to find the proper words.  So, I will let my sister's words speak for me.

God's way are not our ways.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Some Travel Sights

In true Tommy fashion, we made the most of our trip home from Vermont.  We stopped at some sights on the way home.  First stop was in Whitehall, New York.  Apparently, in the middle of land with no water in sight is the Birthplace of the US Navy. 

Next stop was Steamtown, Pennsylvania!  There is a really cool museum there with an actual Round House, with a turn table.

The kids loved all the train cars to explore.  Lucy even found an interesting elevator to go down without anyone else.  Thankfully, there was no one else in the building so we were able to find her quickly. 


Everyone rang the bell on an old steam train,

we could have stayed a very long time in the different parts of the museum.  But, we were traveling and needed to get back on the road, so we enjoyed the highlights.
Next stop: HERSHEY!
We went on the free ride of how Chocolate is made, and enjoyed some samples and goodies.

When you ask the kids what their favorite part was, they all said Hershey.  I think we sweetened that deal with the chocolate bribes. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Be Sealed With the Holy Spirit

Our First Confirmation!  My Patrick Dominic is confirmed!

 He chose my Godson, Michael to be his Sponsor.
 This is Patrick and my parents, and his Godfather (would you add a prayer for him?  He's got some health issues that we are praying for good news.  Thank you!).

 This is our AWESOME new bishop.  Bishop Burbidge set up the Confirmation to have a Mass (YES!) and he came and did 2 nights in a row at our parish. 

And of course, we had our priests there as well! 

Go Big and Go to Vermont

What is 33 feet long, hangs out in Wal-Mart parking lots at odd hours, and carries 8 people to Vermont from Virginia?

But of course!

Our family made a trip with my Mom to the beautiful (but rainy) state of Vermont. My brother, his wife and 6 daughters live there, and our goddaughter was to make her First Holy Communion.  My wonderful Tommy drove and my mom came along with us. 

It was a whirlwind trip, but Lucy loved being with "all those girls" and we were so happy to be together.  The wind was a factor when we arrived in Vermont, and there was no power when we arrived.  All part of our adventure, including the overnights in the Wal-Mart parking lots.  Tommy cooked breakfast for all 16 of us in the RV, and we had real Vermont Maple Syrup with our breakfast.

It was such a joy to be there, and I was even able to sing with my Mom and brother for Mass.  Panis Angelicus in 4 part harmony to make my mother's heart happy.

It's hard to capture the joy and fun the kids had in photos, but here's a little bit.

It was too short!  The kids all asked when Mary Kathryn is receiving her Confirmation so we can come back. 


I wanted to have a fancy Easter post...

But, in true form of this year,




Another holiday. 

Stomach bug.  It was a doozy.  It started with poor Lucy who didn't understand why she was sick all night long. But it was about a whole week per person.  Stomach issues all week.  The poor children.  It was awful.

Tommy took the older 2 to my favorite liturgy, the Easter Vigil.  I went to Mass in the morning all alone.  I was so tired, and so overwhelmed, that I sat in my car and cried and cried after Mass.  It was the second big Holy Day that I went to Mass on my own.  Some mothers would relish the time alone, and I am just weird I guess.

But, in true shutterbug form, I made them pose for pictures before they hunted for eggs. It wasn't the worst day of the bug for them, so they did all hunt.

And the Easter candy lasted a lot longer in the house this year. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

March Mumblings

March has turned into one of those months that fly by.  I thought February was short, but I seem to have missed March.  So, here are some happenings in this month!
My Patrick is taking Latin I this year.  He had a certamen (quiz) game at the school at the beginning of the month.  The kids had to get a team together, give them a Latin name (it means something on fire?  I am a little rusty on my definitions), and compete.  I decided to come along and watch and I was so happy I did!  These 3 boys did amazing.  They came in 2nd place overall in the competition.  The boys were polite, worked well as a team, and just made my heart swell with pride.  It was a joy to watch them play, and I know they were disappointed to lose to a team they had beat earlier, but it was a joy to watch.

We also got some new goodies in my kitchen!  My ovens were not working, and I was just pushing through and learning to deal with the things that gave it character.  (though the double oven is not in this photo, I couldn't resist how stinkin cute Lucy is) Tommy and his brother, the electrician, squeezed a new double oven into the wall.  I say squeezed, because the space was designed for an oven 3" smaller than what we bought.  They had to cut walls, cabinets, and work it in to the space.  But, oh, it's WONDERFUL!  27" is REALLY small, even times 2 ovens, so it's a joy to know that I can fit LARGE pans, 2 side by side.  Oh, and the fact that it works?  No hot spots, no more 3 hours to cook a whole chicken?  Bliss, I tell you.

We also got a new dishwasher.  It's quieter and has way more space!  I feel so spoiled!!!  And, our appliances match!

We finally got a snowstorm!  I was prepared for this one: boots AND snowpants!  Usually I have to give mine to Emma, so we made sure we both had our own.  So I actually went outside!  Lucy and I had some fun sledding, though she was not a fan of the snow to walk in, so I happily pulled her along behind me.  We used to have a great sledding hill until our neighbors behind us put in a fence to keep their kids and dog in the yard.  So it's a little harder to enjoy, but we managed to have fun.  William even made a snowman, though I think it reminds me of a duck.

James got to spend the weekend with the class pet, Biscuit, and gets to be "Top Dog" this week.  He is just a bit excited. :)

Part of the weekend included a 5K at the school called Running with the Saints.  He had the best seat in the house, and loved his ride.  Lucy kept telling Tommy that everyone was faster than they were. 

Patrick was on a Confirmation retreat so he wasn't there, but these stinkers got to run!

And, I did not run either, as I was away.  AWAY!  My sisters and I (4 of the 5) got to go away for a weekend together.  We have never done this, and I have never left the 5 children.  It was a wonderful time, and all made possible by a sweet and generous friend who offered us a cabin to stay in.  My sister also turned 50 so we used that as our excuse.  We stayed up late talking into the nights, and just enjoyed the company and lack of interruptions.  We have 16 kids among us, so it was a big deal.
My sisters made the weekend so special, and walking down the memory lane.  Though some memories were new to me, as the youngest girl.