Thursday, December 11, 2014

Roundup of Events

Sometimes I forget what life is like with a newborn in the house, with the holding, loving, changing, and busyness in the house.  And then it happens, and I think, "Oh yes.  NOW I remember!"  When there is a moment to spare, the laundry, dishes, and dirty floors call my name.  Now, I don't always answer them, as you can PLAINLY see in my house, but I do know they call me.  But, I have a moment, and two hands, so let's see if I can give you a quick review of life in the last few weeks, with an update from all the pictures on my phone.
  • Thanksgiving was spent with Tommy's family in the Warrenton area.  It felt a little odd not hosting this year, but we hosted so much last year that I think they can give us a little break.  And, we can play the "newborn" card a little longer, I think.  
     I am not often artistic, or even creative, but I am good at imitating other people's good ideas!  As usual, there was too much food, lots of fun games, and one called "Do you like your neighbors?"  It involved lots of laughter, silly ideas ("I do, but I don't like anyone wearing glasses!" and those people have to switch seats), and a little like musical chairs with someone always left out.  Even the kids could play, which makes it even better.
  • We have lots of coos, smiles and sweet noises coming from Lucy, and the little boys in the house are especially sweet with her.  She always has a smile for them, and they are usually in her general area (of! her! face!) of where she is and smother her with kisses.

  • Our season of Advent began, and I was excited that I got the candles and wreath out before it started, as well as our manger for good deeds for the kids to get motivated. 
    My plan is to be better about planning meals for the family, and it has been a struggle some days to get to the store, or just think ahead, but it has been a good goal for me in my home life.  It was especially tricky the first week of advent because our van sprung a leak and had to be towed away.  It was the coolant line, and the tune of over $800 was repaired.  Sigh.  Yep, my ability to get around with the kids is my gift under the tree.
  • St. Nicholas day came and we decided to make cookies on his feast day. We usually make them before his day, but I was exhausted as was Tommy.  It was fun to make it with yet another older child, and to have everyone home to help, so it was different than last year.  We are still working on our family traditions and celebrations.  I feel like a terrible mom since I didn't have anything to put in their shoes at all.  I even was at the store and totally forgot.  The kids were super sweet about it, and maybe I can make up for it and they will forget once Christmas rolls around.
     James could have played with the flour all day, and William was eating all the dough (no eggs, so no worries) and Patrick was eating all the cookies on the racks cooling.  Emma was an expert roller, as well as Tommy, and I was able to man the oven and trays for them.  We made a good team!

  • On Thanksgiving, I was looking at my (large) family during Mass, and thinking about when the kids are bigger, going off to college and coming home for holidays.  Growing up, my mom was the one to take care of the holidays with the kids, and my sisters would bring friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and anyone else was welcome.  I don't remember going to a cousin's house, especially as the siblings got older.  I wondered about how our future will look with my kids, when will it turn to my job to host all the grown up kids, and when the family unit is just us.  Oh yes, it made me very weepy and prayerful.  Feelings of inadequacy are creeping up so quickly lately, and I just want to know that we are doing well, that my kids are on the right track and we are helping them get to their ultimate goal the best way we can.  Yeah, it was an emotional day.

  • Scouts are still in full swing in the house, with more activities with both boys.  We had a fire station visit with William, and a boy scout Christmas party complete with games picked by Tommy.  Patrick and his friends had a competition to create something Christmas related and the boys had a blast. 

  • I have been doing a lot of internet shopping for Christmas, and I forgot what it is like to take the kids out to the stores to walk the aisles.  We do it with some kids, and I get frustrated that they are constantly asking for something, and it's usually not super bad, but I am focused and trying to stay to my list.  But, I am taking James and Lucy with me most places, and that carrier fits in the cart so James is walking (I need to bring my ergo carrier!) and talking with me about what we are buying.  The conversation goes like this: "I want that!  Can we buy that?"  "No, James, we can't, we are waiting for Christmas/buying for someone else."  "Okay."  "Can we buy that?"  "No, we can't." "Okay."  That boy is the most understandingly sweet child!  I turn to mush when I realize how good he is in the stores, and he usually ends up with a liiiittle something extra in the cart.  I know.  It's terrible, but he is so sweet! 
  • A very special friend of our family offered to take photos for us (YAY!) that we used on our Christmas cards.  They all looked really good, and then it came down to choosing for the card.  Hmm.  I realized that I am all about options.  Choices.  Not that I am able to make any at any time, or quickly, but I always have trouble picking the best family shot, and I want everyone to look good, or to have a good option.  So I usually put a lot of pictures in. It's so hard to choose, and I am having Christmas card remorse.  I don't think I did the best layout, or picked the "best" one for the family.  Can't do anything about it NOW, but I can fret a little, right?  Maybe I'll do better next year.  LOL  "Tomorrow is another day."  Yes, Scarlet, we know.
  • On a quick personal level, I am back to exercising!  It feels SOO good to be back with such supportive ladies and my good friends and to feel strong again! I have never had such a quick rebound after pregnancy, and I know the workouts helped.  I am super blessed to be able to continue, and it is such a good kick to get me going! 

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