Friday, May 27, 2016

Religious Award

William is enjoying his time in the Scouts, and has earned the next Religious award.  The Light of Christ.  We have our very own parish priest who has his secret weapon: an Eagle Scout neckerchief and slider.  The boys were really excited to see Father Noah.

 William with the Cubmaster and Father Noah. 
 So proud of my boys!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

William's First Communion

What a special gift on Mother's Day weekend to celebrate a First Communion! 

We were so excited to be able to share in the joy with my nephew, Robert.  He is the youngest of my sister's 4 boys.  Big day!
The Mass was beautiful.  My Tommy's sister-in-law led the young people's choir at the Mass, they sang my favorite "Oh God, Beyond All Praising" which caused me to cry (as usual.  "We'll triumph through our sorrows, and rise to bless you still.  To marvel at your beauty....").  It was lovely. 
I am a picture taker.  I take lots, and when it is a special day for my family, I start to worry.  I worry about the food, the photos, the clothes....yes, I worry about silly things.  We were running late before Mass, and didn't take pictures as much as I would have liked.  I started to worry during Mass that we needed propane to cook the meat after, and I made the mistake of sending Tommy home with 2 kids.  Our family split up, and there was no chance of taking any pictures at church.  Okay, we take them at the house. 
Well, no, that didn't happen either.  The grill wasn't working, so off came the suits for playtime, firing up the coals.  So things moved along, and we didn't do all that I hoped for.  But we did get some really important ones:
William and his Godfather Uncle Paul.
My girls.
His Godmother Aunt Jenn.
Grandma (with her heart doing much better) and Grandpa.

And Mani and Papa.
Everyone else.  
Not one of all my kids, or the family.  I was trying to "let it go" and not worry so much, but it was eating me up.  I just wanted my family (or my chickens, as my mom would say) in one photo.  Just one. 
Now, really I should laugh.  I should.  I shouldn't be such a worry wart.  The party was lovely, we had family together, and lots of leftovers.  But I like things just so, and I asked just one thing for Mother's Day.  And I got it.  Tired faces, not as nice outfits, but they (sort of) did it for me.

Our sweet friends came to our rescue before Mass, and we managed a little something.  It made the celebration of William's SECOND Communion just as special!  Tommy was the Eucharistic Minister at Mass and made sure he was on our side for William.  We were all smiling, and in truth, that is what it is ALL about!