Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How many priests does it take to make paella? Just (Fr.) Juan!

We are so blessed to still have Fr. Juan at our parish, and he wanted to come over and make paella for us again, and to visit with us before the baby comes.  Father brings his own paella pan, ingredients and seasoning.  The house smelled fantastic, and it was such a lovely evening.  I love that my kids are able to spend time with the priests in our home!
 My kids watched him cook the whole meal!  James kept interrupting and yelling "Hey, Fadder!" (If you have ever seen Going My Way all I could think of was the big choir boys, "Say hello to da fadder.")

 (Post title is Tommy's joke, my dad's words were, "Juan can Cook!")
 I love the concentration. 

 We were joined by my parents, since Tommy's parents came when he made paella for us the first time.  Tommy was a little late because he had some trouble getting home on the train.
 I think Emma had about 5 helpings, Patrick and Emma both ate SALAD with their dinner!
 Emma's words, "This is AMAZING!"  And it's pretty too!
We set the timer for the camera, and unfortunately it is a little crooked, but here we are!  37 weeks and 5 days, final - we hope! - nephrostomy tube change that morning, and baby coming Friday!!  Yep, and I look it.  LOL  

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