Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home is where the heart is

 Scenes from my home.  The kids love the playground in the back.  They spend so much time TOGETHER out there, and that makes me so happy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome home!

 My sweet husband carried me over the threshold before we let the kids in the house.  :)

 (Apparently, this photo looks like we are selling our kids too.  We could have stayed in our smaller house if we had!)

It's finally happened!  We made it!  We have a new house.  Thank you for all the prayers, support and encouragement through these months.  I know God had this place waiting for us, and it feels so good to be together and back in our rhythm as a family.  God is so good to us!  In the first 2 days that we have been here, we have had 2 families come to our door bearing "welcome" treats: BOTH families are from our school and parish, and one of them is even Patrick's classmate.  We are feeling so blessed and grateful.  I wish I had words to express our joy.  I think you can see the excitement in my kids' faces, and that is just making my heart burst.  (When we told the kids about the new house, their first question was "Is it a short sale?" and the cheers from them when we responded "no" were absolutely deafening!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I think the kids are getting excited!

Our 10 year anniversary was marked by big news in our family in the fact that we are that much closer to moving into a new house.  The kids are feeling the excitement, and you'd better believe the the adults are doing a jig as well.  God has opened this door for us (literally, it feels like), and we are so happy to feel that we are going in the right direction.  And, to top it off, it is not an ugly house!  It is another family from our parish, one that I knew from working at my job years ago as well.  They knew my sweet Grandma, my sisters, and my mom and were so happy to sell their home to us.  They made me cry when they were telling us how they have enjoyed their home with their 4 kids, and were hoping we would be as happy as they there.  God is so good!

I am finally feeling like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We will be in our own space.  We can unpack our mountains of junk and hopefully get rid of stuff we don't need.  We close on Tuesday, and I will ask for a couple more prayers for us as we get closer. 

My husband is already planning a birthday celebration in the new home.  I have to say that I am on the same page!   

So pretty!

It's never a good thing to smell nail polish.  It's doubly dangerous when the smell is accompanied by the voice of William.  Mommy made the mistake of leaving out her red nail polish and was so nervous to open the door to the bedroom, with carpet.

Not a single drop was on the carpet.  Can you believe it?  I actually was pretty impressed that he did so well on his nails.  I came in, and very calmly told him that he could.not.move (as I went for the camera).  His question was if he could move the not messy hands and feet?  I just love how he has these conversations with me. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Baby James

Is there anything cuter than this little guy?   

Monday, September 3, 2012


I think we have a house!

I promise more info, but I am too excited and nervous to say more.  Just keep up those prayers!  Thank you!