Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Teen Number 2 In The House!

Emma turned 13 over our Christmas vacation!  We decided that this year was the year of just family,(as in no party with friends) and I was so proud that she never complained, or fussed.  She was even happy after everyone left, and thanked me for making it just family fun.

Happy birthday to our amazing young lady.  The flower, the independent, organizer and sweet sister. (William had a tumble on his face right before the family arrived)

Of course we had more photo fun.  :)


Monday, January 8, 2018

Wood Badge

7:30AM,  on a December Friday morning, I get a text message from my husband that goes sort of like this:

"Do you think we can host the Scout Christmas Party?"


I just said what?  My brain was yelling NOOOOO!  My fingers typed that faster than I realized. The party was Saturday, as in, the next day.  My big kids were home for the Holy Day of Obligation, and my thoughts were, well, if it's a Christmas party with the boy scouts we should probably put up the tree.  And decorate a bit?  And we did!  It took less than 24 hours (a record for me!) and we put up the tree and set up quite a bit for the Christmas party.  The kids totally rocked it.  I was kind of prepared for some teenagers and families to come over.  No big deal.

Except, as I realized about an hour before the party began, (at our home, because the snow outside closed our first location), it's not JUST a scout Christmas party. 
"Are there strangers coming to this party?"
"Yes, dear.  They are coming to award me and Eddie our Wood Badge."


oh. OH!  That is why.  That is why I said yes.  That is why I didn't freak out (as much) as I normally do when he asks me for something last minute.  My guardian angel.  Wow.


This award is a really big deal.  Tommy been taking classes, earning his tickets, camping, and working very hard for this Wood badge.  It is something that helps him be a better Scout Master, and the boys actually were part of the process.  He wanted to show them the results, and thank them as part of his ceremony, which is why we were putting it with the Christmas party.  (I promise, he does tell me stuff, but I very often get distracted and don't remember)  His patrol was invited, as well as Eddie's.  Some of these people came from 2 hours away, in the snow to be there for these awesome scout leaders.

We are so proud of our Daddy, such a hard worker, and always trying to better himself for these boys.  I am also so glad my Angel guided my hand to help me make this easier for my husband.
   He has also been asked to help teach this course to other scout leaders, and has encouraged many of the leaders in our group to take the course.  That man is the pied piper.  :)