Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes: July-scapades

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27 weeks.  I have 3 months left, exactly.  Yes, it means I deliver at 39 weeks, but it still seems sooo far away!  (And people are VERY quick to remind me of that, eye roll)  I am hanging in there, and wishing some days that I wasn't so conspicuous or so big all the time.  I don't feel that I can go anywhere without attracting a ton of attention.   "She's so big."  "One, two, three, four and FIVE?!?"  "Boy, her kids are so naughty."  "Oh, you are BRAVE to take them all to the store!"  I may only get SOME of those comments out loud, but I just feel so THERE everywhere I go.  I wish I could get someone to look at me, not at my belly all the time.  I know I am insecure, but it just feels like all eyes are on me, and, because it's summertime, they are on US.
We are about halfway through the summer (I think) and while I would like to say that it's going well, I feel I am not doing my best with the kids.  I tried a really neat looking chore chart, and it has helped A LITTLE bit around here, but it is still me getting upset about chores, and school work, and the same things all the time.  (Have I told you lately how much I loath and despise Legos?!  They.are.every.where in my house, and some very sweet child especially loves to throw them  I am going to kill myself just trying to get in there.  It's great that it's only there, but it is MADDENING!)  And, as far as activities go, I get panicked when I think that I have to bring my big belly (can't ever leave it behind) and my 4 kids, and I hear the cha-ching! cha-ching! each time we try to plan something.  Anxiety plays a big role in it, and then along comes guilt.

Yep, that about sums it up.
While on the subject of summertime things, we all had dental cleanings this week.  Patrick and I went together one day, and the other 3 kids had their appointments together.  It was quite an afternoon.
We arrive at 1:45 (for a 2PM appointment) because I am always an early bird.  I figured that with 3 of them in a row, we could start sooner and be done sooner.  As soon as we got there, the front desk lady says that someone is booked in the middle of my appointments for my kids.  Ooookaaaaay.  No biggie, they have a movie TV for the kids, and some Legos, etc.  Starts off okay. 
James is first, and though he is 3, I thought he would let them at least brush his teeth, but he only let them do half.  Okay.  Next kid.
Emma's turn.  She is done fast, and we all have to wait now.  The movie that was on was "Frozen" which re-started about halfway through.  (Ah yes, let's please hear "Let It Go!" again.)  For the adults in a small waiting room (smaller than my kids' bedrooms!) there is a large TV with breaking news. 
Then it changes.
A talk show.  Guests start coming on to play a game.  (should have been my first cue)  Game is called Stripnado.  The guests coming on are, you guessed it, Chippendales.  The lady behind the desk is on the phone, but this pregnant momma was up so fast to turn that TV O.F.F.  Sigh.  We were there for 2 hours.  I was so proud of how well-behaved my kids were!  They had books to read and never asked to play on my phone, and were very good and stayed in the "kid corner."  Mommy, well, let's just say I was done.
I have been on a craft kick the last few days.  Some of them I have prepped a long time, but I am excited for the energy and "nesting" urge that has given me a little extra push. 
I hung my photos that I won from our family photo session.  Don't look too closely, but they are hung!
I have been collecting corks for a while, and I saw an idea on Pinterest that I wanted to try.  It isn't EXACTLY how I wanted to do it, but I think it looks neat.

Now, where to hang it?
I need to apologize to anyone that my son has called.  My Patrick LOVES to talk, and every time I am looking for a phone I will find at least 2 in his room.  He calls mostly cousins, but has found the school directory and recently invited himself over for a playdate this week.  He also decided he wanted to have a World Cup Party.  Thankfully, he only invited family, but he was super excited.
 He drew the world cup symbol on his t-shirt, just as the guests were arriving.
 Since I am still learning about computer stuff, he helped make the flags the same size to make banners.
My parents, my sister and her kids came over, and one extra cousin.  I loved that the boys played soccer at halftime.  He also helped to plan the menu:
Bratwurst and empanadas!  Isn't that adorable?  We also had corn on the cob for USA.
James is all about costumes, Legos and fun.  This one came with the mission: "I'm going to go cut down that bed."  I came home from and errand the other day, and found "toys" in my house: Buzz, Woody and Jessie.  So stinking cute!
During the summer, I have hired my nephews to watch the kids while I exercise, or have doctor's appointments, run errands, etc.  They have come twice a week, taking turns, each time to excited kids!  James can't decide which one he likes better, so he is super happy when they come.  Today, there were 2 board games going on, and my nephew (the oldest grandkid on my side) was playing both: Stratego and Monopoly.  Loved it!
And for a bonus, my Tommy and Patrick are going to BOY scout camp next week.  We all remember what happens when he is gone?  Yeah, let's see what happens when he is gone for a week.

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