Sunday, June 21, 2015

Last Day of the School Year 2015

 I think the kids were excited, as they were all up at 5:45! For the last day.  Here is the first day of school, which shows children that are a little smaller, no green glasses, and a missing little Lucy.

 On to a new year!  After outstanding report cards, we have a new 2nd grader, a new 7th grader (as well as a new school) and a new 5th grader. 
So proud of these kids and how hard they worked.  Emma and Patrick received Second Honors for the whole year.  They had one B that put them in that category.  The rest were A's!  William progressed very well under a really challenging teacher, and really excelled. We are so grateful for all the wonderful teachers and staff for this year.  SO much support during this year of adjustments, but especially with our health struggles with Lucy and the adjusting to middle school. 

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