Monday, June 29, 2015

This and That, June Edition

  • School ended, hopes were high, and our family got sick.  Well, Mommy got sick and had to readjust some things.  It made my "get ready for summer" intentions go to the wayside and just be patient with God's plan.  Summertime is tough, and we all need to do better, together.
  • At the beginning of the month, James, Tommy and William camped together with the Cub Scouts.  James was absolutely beside himself with excitement, and though there was S'mores, campfire, games, and other activities during the day, he just wanted to hang out in the tent in his spot, ready to camp. 

  • That was also the Pack Graduation day, when William received his new Wolf ranking! 
     He was also joined by the Class pet, Quackers, for the very last person in the class to be the "Lucky Duck."
  • The next day we attended our very first Corpus Christi Procession.  The happy camper fell asleep in the stroller during the procession.  We said the Rosary and sang songs (mostly in Spanish) and I was very moved.  I kind of insisted the kids all come along, and I was so happy we did.

  • Lucy is 8 months old!  She is learning some new tricks.  She says "dadadadada" and blows raspberries, and pbtt's with with her lower lip over and over again.  It's so cute.  She sits up on her own, and will roll over to a sitting up position.  I did catch her pulling herself across the floor yesterday!


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