Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Do you like my new green glasses?"

In June, our pediatrician said he noticed a little something with James' eye, and told us to watch for it.  I didn't really see anything, until about August when we all started to notice James' right eye turning inward at different times.  It got progressively worse, and we knew we would need to see an eye doctor.  All the kids can see it, and the camera especially caught it.  This photo is from this week, and if you look at James, you can really see it. It's a little unnerving, huh?  It looks painful.
 So this week, James picked out his favorite color for his new glasses to help the muscles in his eyes, and they arrived this week!
 A definite first for our family, since he is only 3, but oh my goodness, how cute is he?
 The first thing he asked for this morning was his new glasses, and it just melted my heart! 

 I am so grateful this boy is so sweet and happy!  He impressed every.single.person we encountered on this journey.  The eye doctor was floored at how well he did with the eye chart and answering all the questions.  They had to dilate his eyes, and he never squirmed or yelled when they put those drops in.  The places we visited to find his glasses were so amazed at how excited he was, and how cooperative he is.  He gave the lady a big hug after he got his new eyes, and she just kept saying how amazed she was.  In the last weeks of pregnancy where things are a little more complicated, I am so grateful for this sweet boy!!!

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Carole in Wales said...

He is so adorable, Fuzzy! You are truly blessed!