Monday, December 19, 2011

Visit with Fr. Puigbo

We invited one of our parish priests over for dinner, and Fr. Juan said he would come, only if he could cook! I am not one to turn down a night off from cooking and we knew it would be delicious so we happily agreed to the terms. (And, to be honest, it was a good reason to kick start my Christmas cleaning! :)
Father came over and cooked his grandmother's recipe for paella. It was absolutely delicious, and the company was even better!

Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds came and shared the evening with us. It was perfect timing for Emma, as she got to borrow Grandma's hat for school the next day.

Thank you so much, Father! We can't wait to have you over again!


Carole in Wales said...
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Carole in Wales said...

I love it when the priest comes over and helps make the meal (or in your case, actually cooks the meal)! Paella is a wonderful dish. And it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Merry Christmas!