Monday, June 29, 2015

Father's Day Goodness

Mark the calendars, kids.  Your mom was READY this year!  Father's Day did NOT sneak up on me.  I decided that we needed to do some updated photos of the kids for Daddy's work (since Lucy has not made it in photo form yet) and for the Grandpas.  Originality, thy name is not Fuzzy, but, I don't care.  Our wonderful friend who helped us at Christmas and for Lucy's 6 month was more than happy to help us again! 

I know, for a fact, that it is very difficult to get 5 kids all looking, smiling, and paying attention at once.  Especially when there is one particular child that, no matter how many times you prep that child, will always be moving, giving a baby a kiss, giving some silly face, and just not cooperating.  That child, bless their heart, is the one that we just struggle with when we try to do this.  Though you can't tell from this shot. 
And, this was his ONLY bad one.  But, I love this stinker.  Bless him, he was not the culprit.  But, despite these comedy of errors, we had a cute photo and even a chalkboard for Grandpa.  We used my favorite go-to for family photos, calendars and gifts,, for some table top panels and a wall panel for the photos.  They turned out Uh-MAZING, and I love that there is no glass to worry about, and the quality was perfect.  My FIL was extra happy because it could go in his new RV.  :)

I am determined to put photos on the walls, and promise some bloggy photos to show my progress.  Perhaps you could help me?  Oh, that is an idea!  Future blog post of some walls to fill!!!!  Tell me how!  Send me ideas!  Let's conquer it together!

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