Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4, 2014

We spent our Independence Day at the new Chez Paul and Nichole.  They have only been in the house for 2 weeks, but were more than happy to open up their home and all their 5 acres for the Reynolds-tribe.

 William (as he does at home) is SO into baby Gus, and is always in his face.  He is thrilled to be anywhere near him, and to talk to him and kiss him.
 He even started to read him a story while Gus got his jumps out.
 Grandma has the best outfits for the holidays! 

 It was a day of fun with family,
 and relaxation.
 There is so much land that the kids were sufficiently worn out by the time it got dark enough for fireworks.
 We tried for some of our own "personal" fireworks, but it is always hard to get a good show with fireflies.
 We had our own show by Paul and Peter, and about halfway Patrick decided, as a scout, he needed to be near the action as well.  Well, I missed the photo, but he was close, and the ONLY one covering his ears.

 Glow sticks are the best for nights like this!  Look at those sweet little hands!  We even had balloons with a light in them, and James held his all the way home.  There was quite a bright glow in the backseat from all the lights.
It was a wonderful day, and we saw some shows on the way home with all the illegal fireworks, and our neighbors kept the show up until almost midnight! 

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