Thursday, July 3, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Sunday DC Trip

round button chicken
Daddy decided to take the family on a little adventure this weekend after we went to an earlier Mass, since Mommy got the schedule for serving all mixed up. 
We first ate lunch at a burger joint called Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City, right near DC.  I thought that would be our only stop, but the view of the monuments was too great a temptation.

 We have never done the DC day with the kids, and though we were unprepared for a whole day, we visited just a little bit.  I am always grateful when I can do a little more exercising after a Coke, so I was grateful that we did a little stroll.
 Do you see behind William?  Nothing.  It just completely drops off.  No gate, no warning, nothing.  William the brave walked aaaaallll the way up to the edge and gave me a heart attack.  Of course he was following his Daddy's lead.  :)
 The Jefferson Memorial has always been one of my favorites, though I'm not exactly sure I could pinpoint why.  I love that it's so quiet inside, and there is something so soothing about the rounded-ness of his memorial.  There are tons of monuments, memorials, etc. in DC, but this one always appealed to me the most, even as a kid. It is not an easy one to get to, but I have my map-in-his-veins-and-brain husband driving the crazy streets, and I could enjoy the sites. 
 I love the quotes from Jefferson around the memorial.  They are always so inspiring, and so applicable to our time.  This quote always struck me when I watched the old movie "Born Yesterday" with William Holden. 
"Almighty God hath created the mind free.  All attempts to influence it by temporal punishments or burthens......are a departure from the plan of the Holy Author of our man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship or ministry or shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief, but all men shall be free to profess and by argument to maintain, their opinions in matters of religion.  I know but one code of morality for men whether acting singly or collectively."
James was very impressed with how high the ceiling was.  He said it was "gonna fall, Mommy."

 You would think by this photo that we had been walking for hours and hours, and our vacation was the worst thing in the world.  It's amazing how William manages to do that in photos. 
Or, as I liked to call them, my hear no evil, do no evil, see no evil and Mike the Knight.
Because every little boy needs to bring his sword and shield when we go sight-seeing!  He tried to bring them to Church too, but I had to put my foot down.
Attempted selfie. 
At 6 months along, I have really lost sight of my toes. Last time I checked they were painted.  Not so sure anymore.

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Reinventing Mother said...

Love all the pics! The quote from the memorial is wonderful! Many in leadership need to be reminded:))