Saturday, August 25, 2012

House update

After a very long time of hoping and waiting, we have backed out of the house we were trying to buy.  The short-sale-that-was-not is done.  We decided it was time to walk away.  It was a very emotional decision, as is the whole process, but it is time to move on.  The bank, the investor, the title company, everybody but our wonderful realtor (and good friend) was just so frustrating.  We kept hearing "almost there, last step, immediate approval" all to no avail.  We finally decided to let the house go.  We are glad that we are done with that process, and will have new curse word/phrase to add to the list now.  So, time to find a new house.

The problem?  There isn't much in the way of choices in houses right now.  We are kind of stuck with what is out there, in our price point, etc, etc.  It's hard to start this process all over again but we have been praying and asking everyone to keep praying.  It's part of our night prayers with the kids, and I was starting to feel like the kids weren't getting it.  I was getting a little frustrated and feeling like I wasn't getting the point across.  Until the other night. 

Emma says, "I want to say a special prayer that we find the right house for our family.  And even if it's an ugly house, we will be happy with it."

Thank you, Lord, for the sweetness of my children, their resilience and trust.  We know you will take care of us, even more than you take care of the birds of the air.   

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