Saturday, April 28, 2012

Patrick and the Outdoors

My Patrick is growing up.  He has turned a corner this year and I am so excited to share this with you.  He is starting to enjoy the outdoors!  I have found him asking more and more to go outside.  This is the boy who almost always asks for the video games, movies, or playing with the iPod, and I was beginning to despair.  But, we have been going outside more often, and I am letting him outside  with his sister (which is a feat in itself for me since we live in a townhouse community with no fenced yard), and I have caught him (at different times) up a tree with a Tin Tin book, playing with worms, AND playing in the dirt!  I have high hopes for his summer camping trips with the scouts.  He is REALLY going to love it this year. It also is great news for our moving to our new home which has more than an acre of land, some cleared for playing and some woods for exploring. 

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