Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Emma!

It's so nice to have Emma's birthday during the Christmas vacation because we can always have a nice family gathering, especially with the extended family that are in town.

We took a chilly day trip to Mount Vernon with Jimmy, Alex and Hayley.

It was beautiful to see everything all decked out for Christmas.

James was super good, and didn't mind the cold day.

This sweet lady was "Lady Washington" answering questions and telling stories. It was extra nice to visit her and sit down because it was warm inside.

Patrick was able to earn a Scout patch during our visit there. He also got in free while wearing his uniform!

William played Angry Birds while we waited in line for the mansion, where we got to go up to the third floor, where the cuppula is.

This gingerbread house was just lovely!

We then went to Pap's house and celebrated some more.

7 years old!

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