Saturday, January 7, 2012

New bed!

My William has moved into a new bed!

This firetruck bed was Patrick's, and he just loved having it.

William wasn't too thrilled initially with the new bed (he kept saying, "it's not good, Mommy.") and seemed to enjoy the rug we put down in his room to play with his cars, but I think it had grown on him. The Lightening McQueen sheets helped a bit. :)

I told him he had to stay in his new bed until the sun was up and Frosty is down (Frosty the snowman in our front yard). It was adorable to see him in the morning at our door, telling me that "the sun is up and Frosty is down. Can I get up now?" Sweet boy. I am not sure I am ready for such a big kid step, although the next step is way bigger: potty training! One step at a time, mommy.

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