Thursday, February 10, 2011


  • If I tell him something is upside-down, he will fix it and say "it's upside-up."

  • When he goes to get something, he will look at me, put his hand up and say "I promise I'll be right back. Will you wait for me?"

  • William sings ALL THE TIME. If he has Jessie in his hands, he will start singing the song from TS2, and hold the doll just like the movie.

  • When Tommy comes home from work, William RUNS to him, hugs his legs, then asks "Are you on a special assignment?" Maybe we are watching too much TV.

  • He is my first child that screams during a haircut. Tommy says he has nerve-endings on his hair. It's a viscious cyle: he screams, gets hair in his mouth, spits, then screams some more. Needless to say, he is looking shaggier than I would prefer right now.

  • William is still the most truthful in the house, especially when there is candy involved. He will tell me exactly where it came from and how many he has had and show me very excitedly what he is eating.
  • While driving in the car, I gave him a bag of Cheez-itz to eat. He couldn't remember the name and kept asking me "What's this in the bag?" "Cheez-itz, oh." He asked me quite a few times. By the time we picked up my mom, he had the same question. I responded with my "Cheez-itz" answer, and he says "No, they're crumbs." Sure enough, that boy just had crumbs left.
  • William will tell me when he's stinky. Not only will he tell me, he will start to walk up the stairs to the changing area so I can change him. I have NEVER had a child do this!
  • He knows there is a baby in my tummy, and comes up to me, puts his mouth on my belly and says (with his lower jaw sticking out) "Hello, ba-bee!"
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