Monday, January 31, 2011

We are having......

.......a handsome baby BOY! Our sonogram went really well, the baby looks healthy, big and as cute as any other sonogram baby can look. LOL We had William with us, and he was just as sweet as can be looking at the pictures. He has been coming up to my belly and saying hello to the baby all the time, and now he keeps talking about having a "baby brother." I think I've had enough sonograms to figure most things out, and as soon as the picture came up, I could tell it was a boy. I also could have told you it was a boy by the cravings - cokes, salty stuff, and veggies/salads with dressing, NO chocolate like with Emma. Other than that, this pregnancy has been so different with the aches, tiredness and sciatica troubles. And the hormotional-ness, but my poor family is the main recipient of THAT trouble. We just need to narrow down our names choices, and figure out the date for my c-section, which, unfortunately, is going to be the last week of school including Kindergarten graduation. I know it will all work out! Thanks for all the prayers!

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