Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shower "table"

My mother still has many items from the days when she cared for my grandmother, and one item is a shower seat. An elderly friend of ours was having some trouble, so my mom offered the use of the seat for him and dropped it off here. It was in my living room for a time, but it just recently disappeared from that location. I discovered it had moved to the bathroom upstairs. As it turns out, my children are very excited about this new "table" that showed up at our house because it is just the right height to use while they are spending time on their throne. (as a side note, I'm not sure anyone else has this issue, but my kids seem to think that going to the bathroom should take no less than 15 minutes, and involve reading, writing, imaginery friends and explosion noises. Apparently, this "table" is just the thing for them!)

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