Sunday, July 11, 2010

Which way did they go?

One night in Disneyland we had some phone problems. We were supposed to meet up after a ride to switch off with the kids. I came out of the ride, and waited and waited, and couldn't find Tommy anywhere. Each time I tried to call it went directly to voicemail. I didn't realize he was having the same problem, so we just kept calling and walking around the park trying to catch up with eachother. I knew they couldn't leave without me because I had the tickets for the bus. But I had a little dilemma. If I try to describe my husband, it's going to sound like every other dad in the park: tall, good-looking dad, wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt, with 3 kids, a stroller, and kids wearing ears. Hmm. Narrows it down a bit. While I am going through that, Tommy has been hunting, and says out loud "Where is your mother?" A lady walking by looks at him and says "Oh I saw her leaving with a younger man." She must have known she picked the right person to tell that joke to, because of course, my Tommy starts bantering with her "Hopefully he makes more money and is cuter too!"

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