Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kids keep your humble

I had to sing at Church today, and I made some serious mistakes - and not just some that only I would notice. As it turned out, Tommy had to stay home because Emma wasn't feeling well. Since I am my worst critic, I came home and said "I did terrible today." Emma picked right up on that and said, "So the people came up to you after Mass and told you that you did terrible?" I said, no, most are too polite to do that, but I know that I made mistakes. (I had to laugh because I read a prayer for humility before I sang at church and I was able to offer that to God today. My Grandma always prayed to be humble, and boy, did she ever get her prayers answered! LOL) Emma continued to ask questions, and said that "when there are more people singing at Mass, it goes better." Thanks, Emma, you are right. More people, less noticeable errors. Sigh.

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