Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sing with me now: "Let it snow, let it snow!"

Call me crazy, but I love snow. I love being at home in the nice warm house with my family and watching the snow fall from inside. The snowstorm which dumped 32" of snow in our area was soo pretty to see! I was amazed at the amount, but it was just lovely.

We had some great plans for our snow day, but the power had other ideas. So, our day was spent bundling up inside as well as out. For about 12 hours we were without power. Tommy spent the day shoveling and trying to figure out where to put all this snow. (There's a photo that shows piles and piles of snow on either side. The left are the cars and the right are the piles in the front yards.) The kids were playing outside with all of the other neighbors who were out of doors as well, since we were all without power. I spent the day hanging wet clothes that wouldn't dry and fielding the same questions from the kids: "Why won't the stereo/light in the fridge/clock on the oven/light in the bathroom work?" It was pretty funny. My favorite conversation was when I heard Emma on the phone with my Dad who offered to loan us some of his power. I don't think she understood, but to hear her tell about Mommy shoveling, and the lights out, it was too cute. We had some wonderful family time, and it was really nice to go out and chat with our neighbors. (On a side note, we have AWESOME neighbors! They let me kids help them shovel and brush snow off, because they wanted to help, and they were just so kind. I would like to think of this as a bonding experience.) Our dinner was served by candle light which included a mix of all the scented candles I had on hand, of which I seem to have quite a few! LOL Thankfully, the power went back on before the REALLY cold night. I have to admit I was happy to go to bed with the hum of my dishwasher and heater lulling me to sleep.

One of the neat things that came from the storm happened the following day. We were invited to watch the Super Bowl at our neighbor's house! It was so great, and the kids had so much fun in a different house with a change of scenery and toys. It was just nice to sit and chat with such a great couple and their son who is Patrick's age (he's in the sledding picture).

Can I tell you that I am excited that we have another storm coming through with about 10-20" more?? ;)

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