Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Massanuthin" Weekend

I kept telling the kids we were going to Massanuten, but they kept saying massanuthin' and it made me laugh. We had planned a trip with the Iveys and Matt Wilson for the long weekend. Little did we know that we would be indoors and Tommy would be home for the whole week before! The house belongs to Matt's parents and it was just perfect for our weekend. I loved that it was a winter wonderland around the ski resort with all the lovely mountains around. Our day trip was to Luray, which I had never been to before.
The kids were really excited, but kept asking us if it was real rocks, or just pretend. LOL

This is the Dream Lake, the formations are on the ceiling!

See the headsets? There was a version for the adults and one for the kids. The latter was WAY more entertaining!
Here's the Iveys! Susan, Mike and Lauren (and baby due soon!).

This was Patrick's favorite: The Fried Eggs!
Here's Wilson and Patrick! My camera doesn't do the caverns justice.

Lauren and William played so well together! Look how cute.

We played LOTS of Wii, and William was right in the thick of it too! See those pajamas William has on? Those are his "football" pajamas that he loves because it has the redskins and footballs, his favorite things. Well, one night while we were there, he found them in my suitcase, pulled them out and brought them to me, saying "footballs, footballs." He was already in pajamas, so I just put them aside. He got very frustrated and kept repeating the same thing, and handing me the pajamas. Finally, he points to the pajamas and pats on his legs to get the point across (all the time repeating "footballs" over and over, each time with more emphasis) that he wants to wear them. I said, "okay, but you have to lie down" and he did just that. I put them underneath his other pajamas. All night he kept patting his legs and saying "footballs" in a very contented tone. That kid is too funny.

After Sunday Mass, most of us went Tubing. Emma absolutely loved every minute of it, and Patrick was done after 2 times. The kids called my mom to talk about it, and while Emma was telling her that she did something "twice, no, three times" Patrick corrected her and said "thrice." What a kid! I wished I had brought my camera to capture their fun on the slopes. It was a great weekend, with much needed time away.

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