Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Most Roaring Car!

Patrick had his first Pinewood Derby race today. He and Daddy worked really hard on the car. Patrick picked the shape and design and Tommy (and Emma) helped with the painting. The cars were really amazing, and the theme was "Heroes." I was impressed with all the different designs of heroes, and Patrick decided he wanted to make his hero the Tiger Cubs (which, is the name of his pack, er, den? Something. He's called a Tiger Cub right now. :)
His car is second from the right (it's sitting backwards). It has Tigers and stripes on it. This is pre-stripes (can you tell it's a tiger?). Emma "helped" paint some more with no supervision. I'm not sure which stripes were her doing. It's still kind of cool.
The judges voted on the cars the night before, and Patrick won the "Most Roaring Car" award. I love this photo.
The side of the car says "Tiger Cubs" but the wheels covered some of it up. Patrick raced 6 times and won 2 of the six. Here is a video of one of his wins! My favorite part is the "good sportsmanship" part at the end of the race. Each boy did that after each race and the proud mommy in me loved it. (I only got to see a couple races since I had to work. I was grateful that Tommy filmed one for me!)


Carole in Wales said...

The den is the Tiger Cubs. Next year, they will be the Wolf den. All the cubs together (Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos) make up the pack. Crystal clear? I thought so (boy scout mom here) lol.

What great memories! I have all the pics of my boys at the derby. We had so much fun as I am sure you did. Before you know it, they will be receiving their Eagle. It happens all to quickly.

Ivey Family said...

Too funny! Whenever I heard Tommy and Patrick talking about building a pinewood derby car I kept thinking it was something Patrick would ride in.

I think he was a shoo-in for Most Roaring Car as its the only one painted like a Tiger!

The sportsmanship video reminds me of when his Mom won at a game of spoons and she graciously said "Good Game"....oh she didn't exactly do that...